Friday, January 3, 2020

The Power of Unconditional Love to Help Save a Marriage

In order to help save marriage it is important to understand the power of unconditional love and the comfort and security it brings. What is unconditional love, when does it begin and how can you develop it with your spouse?

Relationships begin with excitement and openness that allows for two people to come together in romance and passion. Depending on how long the courtship goes on before marriage the couple may find themselves in a very different type of loving relationship.

While the initial excitement wears off the best marriages settle in to a more nurturing and understanding relationship. Early on in a relationship each partner can do no wrong in the eyes of the other. Mutual acceptance is granted through the cloudy vision of passion and excitement. Beyond those early days it will at some point require a decision to love not just an emotional response. It is this decision that will help save marriage.

Loving at this level will develop trust and understanding if handled properly. Truly sharing unconditional love with a partner does not require either one of you to condone bad behavior and it isn't a free ticket to do as you please. Unconditional love demonstrates itself through each others actions.

Individuals experiencing this more mature love seek to understand each other and truly work towards solutions that are the best for each other and place the marriage in the highest regard. Mistakes will certainly be made along the way but when they occur, apologies are given and forgiveness is granted. Each individual recognizes that although a mistake has been made, their partner still seeks the best for the marriage. Forgiveness is a key element to help save marriage.

Communication is simplified in a marriage demonstrating the power of unconditional love. With unconditional love each individual feels free to express their needs and desires knowing they will not be judged. The partner will graciously listen to the request and seek to find a positive outcome for the marriage first and foremost and will do so respectfully.

Respectful communication allows the relationship to grow and evolve without the Resistance created in a relationship where individual needs come before the needs of the marriage. Harness the power of unconditional love and discover how to help save marriage.

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