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Love And Happiness In Marriage

Marriage is a permanent union of love between a man and a woman. It is written that God made woman from man so as to be a companion and helper to him. A companion that would encourage, support, respect, love and edify him. He in turn should committee to be a protector, provider and helper to her in every respect.
When a couple enters into marriage it should be holy in purpose. Meaning that the husband should experience the pure love of his wife's heart as she endeavors to soften and improve his character to make the marriage complete.

Love is a relationship between two humans. In scriptures love is clearly defined because it is the most important aspect of human existence. Love is said to be patient, kind and not jealous or pompous. It is not inflated or rude. It does not seek its own interest. It is not quick tempered and does not brood over injury. Love does not rejoice over wrongdoing but rejoices with the truth. It bears all things, believes all things and endures all things.

It is said that whoever is without love does not know God. This is because the divine love that comes from God never sought to destroy human love. On the contrary, God's love refines, purify, elevates and ennobles human love and so it is believed that human love can never blossom until it is united with the divine nature of God's love. The reality being that human love seems always aspiring to elevate itself heavenward.

The commitment of marriage without any doubt includes the following: love, unity, respect unconditional support and fidelity. Sex however, is not love and it is not the most important aspect of marriage. Sex is meant for procreation and it is the expression of mutual love, which is a great source of satisfaction, which strengthens a marriage relationship. Therefore a good sex life in marriage is not only a factor of mutual pleasure and procreation but also an essential ingredient in the overall success of a marriage.

Love between couples should enhance the state of happiness with each other. The husband should help wife grow in all aspects of personal development. Each one should administer to the satisfactory existence of the other. Whilst it is important to collude in unity neither of the two should lose their individual identity.

Now, as a couple grows in maturity, understanding and accepting each other's past is very meaningful to help set realistic expectations and having a very positive attitude towards each other so as to foster a valid and successful way of adapting to conjugal life. A couple should make it a habit of communicating frequently on all issues to improve the quality of their relationship. Frequent arguments and misunderstandings can only be resolved through positive communication, forgiveness and apologies.

Also peace is very important in a relationship. To ensure peace and stability it is vital to bring all financial resources together. However, this can only be achieved through open dialogue and the use of simple joint agreements on home and family budgets so as to efficiently manage family income and expenditure. In addition, the divisions of functions have to be above board. Each spouse should accept the delegation of specific task or family responsibility. This is of essence for the couple to achieve success of marriage and ensure that both parties are happy. A certain measure of generosity, flexibility and understanding has to be demonstrated too by both sides. On the social live experience there should be mutual agreement on adaptation to change in the life of each spouse.

It must also be said that happiness is not the easiest thing to achieve in our present times. This is because the obstacles in modern day life are many. The manifestation of self or putting "I" first in everything will destroy the peace and unity of the home and marriage. A couple should be well advised not to command each other about... to do what the other wishes regardless of the consequences. It is not proper and in the best interest of marriage. It should not be practiced because it will affect the retention of each other's love.

For a couple to be truly happy together in marriage some of the important human needs have to be satisfied. A wife is very different to a husband in the way she thinks and perceives things. There are many things that are important to her personally and good for her physique. Included are the following: appreciation and affection through words and actions; need to converse with husband about the things that matters; need for husband who trust her and is honest and hides nothing from her; expects a husband to provide for her and a wife sees the home and family as an important aspect of life. If any or all of the above aspects of the wife needs are neglected she eventually become very unhappy.

The husband's needs are slightly different and it is important for the wife to understand this. The following are generally important to the majority of husbands. Whilst hugs and words of appreciation are important to the wife the husband may not be fulfilled by only this. Husbands need closeness, which can eventually terminating in a sexual encounter; they long for a wife who would willingly accompany him, participate and show interest in his leisure activities; husband desires to have a wife who strives to stay beautiful. Also, men long at all times for a clean and tidy home where everything follows through without hindrances. A husband needs his companion to admire, respect and recognize his achievements. The big as well as the small ones.

Many people refer to marriage as a fine wine that improves and appreciate in value over time, cemented and cast solid through torrents of struggles, pains, disappointments and anxieties that are incapable of drowning true love. Because, when a couples sacrifice themselves generously they become united in purpose, existence and in affection. The outcome no doubt results in true happiness, true love and bliss right here on earth.

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