Sunday, November 3, 2019

Causes Of Unhappy Marriage Love Life

Unhappy sexual life is a complex interaction of various factors. It is important to identify these and prevent them from becoming a cause of unhappy sex life.
It is not rare for someone to have an unhappy sex life. It is a common occurrence and leads to many emotional and psychological problems both in men and women. Therefore, it is vital for one to know about the various causes and seek ways and means to get rid of them. Essentially your physical well-being, sound emotional health, lifestyle and your relationship with your partner affect your sex life. Some factors that contribute to dissatisfaction with this sphere of life are explained below.
Physical Wellness: Men's desire to have sex can be adversely affected by various ailments, disabilities, operations/surgeries, etc. Some of the other factors that can hamper intimate moments include high blood pressure, medical ailments, diabetes and certain prescribed medicines.
Erectile dysfunction: ED is a strong cause for a man to lead an unhappy sex life. It is also known as impotency which means inability to have and sustain erection. Due to this men might also take longer time to function. After climaxing too, the loss of momentum may be quick and it would take longer than usual to have another. However, it is not a serious problem and with enormous advancement in medical science this can be dealt with ease.
Loss of libido: Inhibited sexual desire is not as common in men as it is in women. It refers to the loss of desire to have sex and shouldn't be mistaken with loss of ability to do it. This loss of libido can be attributed to many psychological factors that include anxiety and depression.
Emotional Factors: Problems in one's relationship may also be contributing towards loss of libido in either one or both the partners, this leads to an dissatisfied state of affairs.
Hormonal changes:Post pregnancy, the estrogen levels in women drop significantly and sometimes intercourse becomes uncomfortable and painful. Post menopausal women too complain of lack of interest in sex and it is safe to say that it is the hormones that play such tricks.
Emotional Factors: Relationship issues with the partner, poor body image, low self-esteem, and postpartum depression are some of the leading causes that contribute to dissatisfaction in women. It is apparent that with emotions running heavy on mind, the women are most likely not going to enjoy the act and will show least amount of interest.
Painful Intercourse: It can be caused by a pelvic mass, a ovarian cyst, vaginitis, or a scar tissue left behind due to a surgery or an STD. Sometimes psychologically too, a woman fears pain during intercourse; this pre-determined fear is known as a sexual phobia and may be brought on due to an incidence of abuse in the past.
Lack of Interest: Some conditions such as hormonal imbalances, stress and fatigue and treatments like chemotherapy tend to play a vital role in becoming a reason for a lack of sexual desire. Certain daily lifestyle factors like for instance consuming a lot of alcohol or overstretched working hours may also hamper one's ability to lead a happy sex life. Effective balancing act can help rule out chances of bedroom boredom.

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