Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Your Marriage - Love Will Keep it Interesting

Marriage is tough. Anyone who thinks otherwise is living a fairy tale. It takes a lot to overcome the challenges that life throws at married couples. Money. Children. Sickness and the ins and outs of everyday living bring stress into the picture.
Even the task of living together it trying. Your life now has the good and bad habits of the significant other. Your new partner in a slob or a neat freak. One partner spends too much time primping, or he watches too much television or someone spends hours on the internet or one is a cell phone addict. All of these habits will place untold stress on the marriage. So what do you do to overcome these problems and live happily together?
My wife and I have been married for fifty two years. We can narrow our ability to stay happily married to three things.
  • The word love. Love is power. Without it marriage will not survive. If you do not truly love each other you will certainly not be happy and probably separate. Love each other as if nothing else matters in life. Get rid of the bad habit of growing used to each others presence. When you greet in the morning, greet him or her as you did when you first met. Hugs and kisses are priceless. Tell the person you married you love him or her every day at least three times.
  • Holding hands. Remember when you were first dating. Holding hands felt great did it not? Why did you quit? My wife and I hold hands while we walk, when we watch television and while we drop off to sleep. If you have marriage problems, holding hands will help to solve them.
  • Turn off the television. Did you ever notice that when you turn it off you look for something to say to each other. The TV is hypnotic. Try shutting it down and learning to converse with the person you love again. At first it is hard to find something to talk about but soon the conversation will lead to your interests. Ask about his or her hobby or sport.
Practice these three items and you will reap the benefits long term.

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