Thursday, October 24, 2019

Marriage - Love is Patient

The more a couple focuses on each other's faults the more they lose the ability to stay patient with each other. However, because of love, a couple can gain the ability to patiently overlook faults and make allowances for differences.
Patience is like a tool to help us cope with the problems and stressors of life. When we live with someone else, their faults and differences from us show up every day, so they affect us all the time. Love is the key that opens the door of patience in handling these two areas.
The faults of others- It sure is easier to see the faults of others than in ourselves. Our spouse's faults grind on us every day, and we begin to wonder why they do not change. Don't they know how much their lateness or their perfectionism or their spending habits drives us crazy?
It is important to remember that no one is perfect. Our habits could be offensive to our spouse just as theirs are to us. When two people first begin to connect on deeper than friendship levels, they have this amazing ability to overlook things that they may not like in the other person. If that could continue, relationships would flourish without stumbling over faults.
The differences of others- Some things may irritate spouses that are not even faults. Even small differences can affect some people. We can be thankful that we are not all exactly alike. Along with that thankfulness, spouses could give each other a few more breaks on ways in which they are different.
One might like this restaurant, but the other not. Some like the beach, while the others like the mountains. This one may need to be active in sports, when the other just wants to read a book. It's OK that each person has different ideas and interests that draw them.
Differences and faults are not to be excuses. Together a couple can help each other grow and change, but they do not need to become stumbling blocks either. A patient spouse goes along with activities even if it means little to them.
Because a man loves his wife, he can patiently endure shopping for her sake. Because a woman loves her husband, she can listen with interest to the recount of his favorite team's performance in last night's game.
Let the key of love open the door to patience in your marriage.

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