Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Marriage, Love, and Compromise

The sheer thought of marriage frightened Joyce. She could not comprehend how a journey of marriage can be accomplished in a meaningful manner. She has always given to understand that sanctity of marriage is a sacred institution which has its own values. The reality gave enough evidence establishing the ugly side of the same scared institution.
Initially, as a child she failed to appreciate the nuptial knots and divorces.Which shattered her personality many times witnessing these scenes. Her personality transformed from a confused person to a matured woman. She grew older and become a confident and a sensible person. She did get the in-depth information and evaluated the pros and cons of marriage. However, there was also the softer and delicate side of Joyce. Her heart and mind were always yearning for a sincere, honest and loving mate.
She was an intelligent sailor. She learnt as a child the art of sailing in rivers and lakes. She also understood the art of navigation and boat handling. She has won a lot of laurels and recognition for her contribution to the county sailing club. Her friend Mabel was diagonally opposite in every aspect in comparison to Joyce. In spite of divergent views and personality difference, they were very close to each other. The chemistry between them was unique. She was married and well settled.
Mabel did not get a university degree; however, she grew in an orthodox family culture. Her values of life revolved around close family ties. A loving husband and children gave her total satisfaction in life. She did take part in community activities yet her family priorities overshadowed her social interaction.
Joyce was on a routine sailing trip in the lake enjoying a perfect weather for yachting. On completion of her trip, she secured the boat and proceeded towards the bar for a drink. At the bar, she met Francis, who was a young entrepreneur. A handsome looking young lad was the centre of attraction in the bar. Joyce who was equally very pretty and attractive draws equal attention from the crowed.
While Joyce was sipping her drink and enjoying, Francis approached her and introduced himself. They were chatted for a while and Joyce prepares to leave. Francis invited her for the felicitation of entrepreneurs organized by the county. An award of excellence is to be given by the Sheriff to the most successful entrepreneur of the county. Joyce accepted the invitation and departed. Francis was impressed by her veracity and extrovert nature. Joyce was impressed by his achievement at a very young age. There appeared to be a perfect chemistry developed between them.
In the felicitation function Francis was awarded as the most successful entrepreneur. There were a joy and happiness among the county crowed. After the function Francis and Joyce went to the country club for a quiet dinner. Francis proposed her and Joyce accepted it. A date was finalized and they got married. Once the honeymoon was over and life followed the regular path of business. At the outset, there was nothing, which could draw attention of others. However, Francis was devoid of any interest in sailing. On the other hand, Joyce was least interested in business like involvement. This divergent attitude of both draws flak and boredom started creeping in slowly.

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