Friday, October 18, 2019

Divorce Marriage - Love Between Two Hearts

Marriage is a blessed institution that unites two hearts and is found in every culture. We often say that someone somewhere is made for you and on the day of marriage you feel that he or she is the one you had been waiting for all your life. But soon after days of entering into marriage, it may be quite shocking to find out that due to lack of understanding, mental compatibility, your partner and you are moving apart. Then your much-awaited life collapses like a pack of cards and may sometimes lead to divorce.
Many divorcees believe that they are doomed to a single, loveless life. To make situations worse, some of them might experience constant threats and emotional blackmails from their ex-partners. Moreover, society might interfere in their matters, seeking reasons for divorce, new relationships after divorce and hints of extra marital affairs. In this situation most divorcees may consider the idea of a remarriage, also term as  Divorced marriage  fixes the love between two hearts that has been thrown out of the institution of marriage. There are also instances where one partner has been a divorcee and the other unmarried. However, shadows of the past will fail to haunt as long as divorce marriage is well planned and thought of. The first and foremost factor that must be considered in divorce marriage is the children from the previous marriage.
Even if the concerned person is not the custodial parent of the child and whatever their age, children must be informed about divorce marriage of their parent. The would-be step-parent must establish a healthy relationship with the children for a successful remarried life. The prospective partners should express their concerns if any about each other's relationship with their ex, relationship with ex in-laws, or their family's relationship with the ex and so on. The prospective partners must voice their thoughts about their new partner making child support payments (alimony). Even if the ex-partners threaten or blackmail the couple, the current couple must be able to give each other emotional support. If all these aspects work well for you, you can ring the bells of divorce marriage. You must announce your divorce marriage first to your parents followed by your ex. You can ask your parents to announce your remarriage to the guests. Avoid inviting your former in-laws and ex-spouse even if you are in good terms with them. They may become melancholy, and some guests may feel awkward around them. A religious ceremony is more appropriate to conduct your divorce marriage followed by a legal matrimony.
You should not cut short the ceremony you long for, only because this is your  divorce marriage.  You can personalize your divorce marriage with a large formal wedding with attendants, announcement in paper, bridal showers, selected costumes and splendid dinners. You must include your children in the ceremonies and can even ask them to be by your side.

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