Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Marriages - Love Or Arranged?

Marriages are made in heaven but practiced on earth. The institution of marriage has received a serious jolt with the coming up of this century. During this period the modern day youth no longer believed in permanent association. I know, still there are a few people who believe in the sanctity of the institution of marriage but their percentage is very less. Like the instant foods this generation has come to accept instant relationships where they come together for blissful moments and go their own respective ways later. Thereafter, they forget about the unwanted or undesirable accidental products conceived during their associations. They are either left to be handled by single parent or find their way into abandoned kids homes run by social organizations. Are we doing the right thing by accepting all this that's happening right in front of our eyes. Just ponder over it minutely.
Before we go into the pros and cons of this relationship called "Marriage" we need to go into the root causes. Marriages were either arranged or loved ones. The arranged marriages were left to the judgment of elders who decided what could be best for their children. This belief was shattered with the advent of confident youth appearing all of a sudden. . They thought they were entitled to lead the life they want on their own terms and with whosoever they desire. This gave birth to the so called "Love Marriages" Where the kids just announced their intentions to their parents, friends and relatives. People had no option than to give their blessings to the so called enlightened couples.
This institution of marriage went a step further with the advent of gay and lesbian marriages. This community started asking for their rights which have been accepted in certain part of the world in the west. However, I am not here to start a debate on such issues because by doing so we shall be diverting our attention from the main issue being discussed. Lets keep this debatable issue for the judgement of our enlightened people.
However, what strikes most in my mind is the authenticity and dignity the institution of marriage provided to the couples. The emotional bond between a male and female partners was so strong that it could withstand any pressure from either sides. The all important view of a family photograph consisting of parents along with two lovely kids by their side is any day a dream photograph for any family living in any part of the world. Let's try to strengthen this bond by bringing with it a lot of love, affection, peace, harmony and put a paste of emotional cream around it. The marriage is above all the one night stands and brings with it a feeling of togetherness, belonging and a feeling of cohesive unit. Unlike the one night stands where the partners don't even like to waste much time in putting clothes properly in a hurry to rush to the next destination. Apart from temporary bliss it does not bring any other feeling. So, why not promote the better relationships like marriage. Get married to a good person and realise and feel what I am trying to convey. Experience the real permanent bliss. Believe me, even Sex is more sacred in the institution of marriage. Give it a try and share your experience with me.

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