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Marriage in Crisis? What You Can Do to Save Your Marriage Together

A Marriage in Crisis: Factors that Cause Relationship Devastation
It is common for many marriages to cease to be happy marriages. Perhaps, personal detachment has turned the relationship a married couple once had into a rivalry. These negative emotional, physical, and relational signs point to the fact that a marriage is in a crisis. Another possible indicator that a marriage is in a crisis would be that one or both of the marriage partners have asked for a divorce.
Heightened concern for the health of a marriage by one or both partners requires immediate resolution. It is crucial to prevent a marriage in crisis from becoming a broken marriage. The following tips are ways to overcome the problems that are behind the strain on a relationship.
Turn Embattled Bitterness into Trust and Forgiveness
A culmination of hurts, let downs, and emotional wounds -- if left to continue unabated -- can cause the trust upon which a marriage was founded to turn into possible betrayal, opposition, and lack of forgiveness. These negative blows to a relationship end up as feelings of embattled bitterness that tear apart a marriage relationship. A marriage plagued with the resentment resulting from this embattled bitterness will eventually turn such a relationship into a marriage in crisis mode.
If these damaging factors describe the factors that are hurting your marriage, then you can do these important steps to save your marriage. The process of turning an embattled and bitter relationship into a restored marriage requires open communication, counseling, and the solutions for each of the marriage problems to be put into action. These positive, marriage saving actions are the foundations of creating a marriage filled with trust, respect, and forgiveness. They can help create a marriage peace agreement with the potential to save and strengthen your marriage. Use the following tips to help both of you create trust and forgiveness in your marriage.
Admit that Each has Done His or Her Part to Hurt the Other Person
Saving your marriage together takes cooperation in repairing marital problems. Additionally, it takes fast action to change the way that each of you relates to the other. If each of you feels personally "wronged", then agreeing to talk together openly and honestly is crucial. As such, the two of you could have effective peace talks to help save the marriage. Bitter enemies through effective peace making can become trusted allies.
Effective peace making requires open honesty and willingness to respect each other. It is difficult to admit to one's share of the problems in the marriage. But, both of you need to honestly admit to the selfish and hurtful things that you both have done to the other spouse. Doing so will establish an environment of honesty, vulnerability, and trust. This positive environment is necessary for marriage restoration. Also, effective peace making requires willingness by both parties to understand the desires and limitations of the other party. Follow these measures, because they are necessary in order that a possible satisfactory compromise be achieved in your marriage.
Make a Marriage Problem and Solution List Together
In order to make your time communicating together affective and constructive, work together to create a full list of the problems and mutually agreed upon solutions to those problems. Next, agree together that you are going to do these things to make your marriage better. Also, take time to list the positive and enjoyable aspects of your relationship as a motivating factor for continuing the marriage together.
Seek Objective and Unbiased Outside Help
If you cannot resolve the problems in your marriage together, it is advisable to share the discussion of how to solve your problems with an objective, unbiased third-party mediator. The third-party mediator may be a clergyman or a close mutual friend, whom both of you will respect and trust. Also, a professional marriage counselor can help you navigate this negotiation and marriage restoration process. These various types of counselors can help you come to terms with the realities of your situation. Furthermore, he or she can bring about positive change in the relationship.
Many seemingly insurmountable marital relationship troubles, hurts, and resentments that make up a marriage in crisis can be effectively fixed. These negative factors can be turned around to become the basis of new trust and marriage success. Married couples who work together to identify those things that cause resentment and discord in the relationship can better be able to forgive each other. Forgiveness coupled with following the problem resolution guidelines in this article may be the recipe that can save your marriage in crisis.

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