Sunday, July 21, 2019

Strengthening Tip 4 to Achieving a Loving Relationship

Our fourth relationship tip is built on the give-re-give principle. Often known as give and take.
Let's face it, we are not able to give and give and give some more, without ever getting our own cup filled. Eventually we will end up empty and find ourselves having nothing left to give. Healthy, loving relationships are built on working together towards the common good of the relationship and each other. It's easier said than done and it does take work on both people's part to ensure that the exchange remains balanced.
What's important to your partner?
Everyone has different needs to refilling their cup. One partner may be able to recharge his battery through a sexual exchange while the other partner may refill their cup by receiving tender caresses or a massage. What many people assume is that their partner likes what they like. So if you like to receive a massage to refill your battery and you are inclined to assume that it must automatically recharge your partner's battery, then you may be headed for trouble.
A loving relationship gives to the other person what they need, not what they would need for themselves. It takes great communication style to find out what the other needs. And it's really simple: just ask (and then remember).
It's not about winning
In order to maintain loving relationships it's really important that in learning about your partner's needs that you do not keep a record of who gave to whom and how much. If you approach your relationship by keeping tabs on who gave what, your relationship is doomed from the beginning. If both partners can keep the health of the relationship at their center, they in doing so protect the relationship. If both people do this, then they will also give to the relationship freely and without holding a record of what was given.
A good way of knowing when a loving relationship is imbalanced towards one partner is by checking both partner's happiness levels and stress levels. Generally speaking, if one person feels exhausted most of the time or is even sick more often than not, it is likely that a review is in order. Perhaps one person has been taking a bit too much without giving in return?
At times it happens that one partner is going through something personal, such as the death of a loved one, the loss of a business, and so on, and the other person is holding down the fort, being the stronger one. These times don't last forever and time is a great healer. Do bare with each other during trying times so that in due time you can enjoy your new loving relationship by applying the balanced give-re-give principle.

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