Saturday, January 6, 2018

Breaking the Chain and Surviving Infidelity

What is infidelity? How does infidelity occur? Simply put, infidelity is a breach of contract - a marriage contract or a relationship contract between two couples or spouses. Infidelity is also betrayal of the marriage vows that make up the marriage. Infidelity can be sexual as well as emotional and it happens when one of the spouses is unfaithful to the other in any way be it through a sexual affair or an emotional affair.
Infidelity creates a lot of heartache and a sense of betrayal and broken trust. In most cases infidelity can often lead to breakups and even divorce if you don't take the necessary steps to avoid or survive infidelity. To better prepare yourself to survive infidelity, you will need a clear understand of the different types of infidelity so that you can be ready to deal with each type of infidelity from the beginning of the infidelity.
The different types of infidelity are briefly identified and discussed below:
1. Romantic Infidelity is a serious type of infidelity that occurs when one of the spouses who has previous cheated on the other, no longer loves their spouse
2. Opportunistic Infidelity is complicated. It occurs when one of the spouses is in love with their spouse but at the same time they are romantically and sometimes sexually interested with someone else. They may not love the other person but they have an urge to take the risk to "try it out"
3. Conflicted Romantic Infidelity, is dangerous! It occurs when one of the spouses is in love with their spouse and at the same time is also romantically and sexually involved with another person.
4. Commemorative Infidelity mainly occurs when one of the spouses remains in the relationship with their spouse even though they no longer love their spouse.
5. Obligatory infidelity is a type of infidelity that happens when one of the spouses refuses or shuts out the other spouse's sexual or romantic advances. This often leads to a sense of insecurity in the relationship as one of the other spouses feels neglected and worthless which leads them to look elsewhere for someone that will feel that emotional and sexual needs.
There are ways to survive infidelity in your relationship especially if you are already experiencing one of the types of infidelity identified above. Attending a marriage workshop is a good way to get back on the right track to saving your marriage. A marriage workshop will encourage and open a dialogue between the couple which will bring the problems that the couples are experiencing out in the open.
Speaking with a marriage counselor at a marriage workshop can also help one survive infidelity by allowing the couples to identify the problems that exist in the relationship and start working on ways to solve the problems in the relationship.

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