Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Your Biggest Marriage Problems - Solve Them All!

Your biggest marriage problems can be solved! As a matter of fact, you can solve them all by right approach. Have you been struggling with these problems for too long? Then you're probably wondering, "Why can't we just solve these problems and go on?"
Well, if you can't seem to solve those problems, I would suspect that one of your biggest marriage problems is a lack of communication. Good communication in marriage is indispensable. Why do some couples seem to never have problems with their marriage? I will guarantee you that all married couples have problems, but some handle them better than others so you never see their problems. They get rid of them quickly and efficiently.
How To Make Your Biggest Marriage Problems Worse!
It is easy to make your problems worse...just don't communicate...or worse yet, communicate in the wrong way. Here's what happens so often:
1. You think that you are doing a great job of getting your point across. However, you have that certain tone in your voice and your mannerisms shout out that you angry.
2. You accuse and criticize instead of explain in a calm and loving manner. If you love your spouse, then talk to him or her in a loving manner.
3. You are only talking and not listening. Love cares about what the other feels.
4. You get defensive. Once this happens everything goes to pot. If your spouse is getting defensive, perhaps you're getting too offensive. Love and be tender.
5. You can cause your spouse to clam up. If your spouse doesn't want to talk, examine yourself to see if you come across harshly or offensively. You can be the cause. Watch the tone of your voice.
If you resolve the above issues resolving your problems will be a lot easier.
3 Steps To Resolving Your Marriage Problems
Here is a quick 3-step lesson on resolving even your biggest marriage problems through good communication:
1. Prepare before you confront your problems. Think about what the problem is and write it down so you will see it clearly. Remember, you will be talking to the one you married because you love and cherish him or her. Don't accuse or blame anyone, just tell your spouse how you feel and assure your spouse of your love. When your spouse tells you how he or she feels, don't blame, just accept that your spouse feels that way. Real love will be compassionate and desire to heal any hurt feelings.
2. Talk ahead of time about a time you will talk about your problem. Make sure it is a time when you are both rested and feel your best. Avoid talking about these things when you are tired or just come home from work.
3. Agree that you are trying to find solutions, not to argue. Once you understand how each other feels, write down some ways you can avoid repeating whatever it is that causes frustration or anger. Do all in love.
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