Friday, December 15, 2017

Your Biggest Marriage Problems - How to Solve Them!

Beware of these two biggest marriage problems today! They will erode your marriage and deteriorate your love for one another. They are the roots of all other problems.
The worst thing about these two problems is that most people don't even recognize them as problems. When speaking of marriage problems, most people think about infidelity or money problems, or something like that.
You must know your enemies to defeat them! So what are they?
#1 Biggest Marriage Problems
The first and worst is self-centeredness or selfishness. I know this may sound hard, but I would not be doing you justice if I didn't tell the truth.
Have you ever heard of a war that wasn't based on self-centeredness? There is always at least one nation centered on their own ambitions who goes to war against other nations to get what they want. No love...just self first.
Eliminate self-centeredness from your marriage and all contentions and fighting will disappear. How do you do that?
Simply put your spouse's desires before your own. Why should you do that? Because you love your spouse. Real love is caring enough about the other person to do what makes them happy. If both of you will just put self aside to put the other spouse first, your marriage, and your love, will light up!
#2 Biggest Marriage Problems
The second biggest cause of marriage problems is neglect. Even with the most caring people, neglect can be a real problem.
You know how it is. Before you get married you and the one you love spend countless hours together or talking on the phone. You always made it a point to date and you were sure to make time for each other. But what happens after you get married, and especially after you have children. LOTS OF DISTRACTIONS!
A good marriage is like a beautiful flower...if you neglect it, it will wilt, get diseased, and die. Don't let this happen to your marriage!
A good marriage is based on spending time together. Spending quality time together and caring for one another creates good communication and a host of other marriage-enriching qualities. However, in this busy society, that takes planning.
So why not get out a tablet and pen, sit down together with your spouse, and start scheduling time when you will be alone together each day? Then get out your calendar, and pencil-in a day each week or so when you will go out on a date...just the two of you.
You will be amazed at the how your love for each other will increase just by doing this.
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