Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Saving Your Marriage Now Before It's Too Late

The rapid increase of divorce is one of the most discouraging facts in our world today; over 2 million couples divorce each year. These marriages can't be saved because of the unwillingness or inability of a couple to withstand the difficulties in their relationship and work them out. Good communication could have prevented a number of these cases. Maintaining the passion, trust, romance, and communication in a marriage is not always easy while also trying to maintain a busy life, but these attributes are the key to a healthy marriage and must be maintained to keep yours from ending in divorce.
While it's normal to have occasional misunderstandings or disputes with your spouse, ideally you want to be able to sit down and discuss your problems and resolve the matter peacefully. The reality is that this does not always happen. Emotions often take control, tempers flare, and a simple misunderstanding can be blown out of proportion and form a rift between you and your spouse. So, what if a situation like this arose in your marriage and you had only one week to save it? Could you do it? With that in mind, here are some tips to help you do just that.
1. Avoid provoking negative responses with questions or comments on a topic that has brought conflict before. This would only make you spouse feel as if you're pointing the finger at them and would put them on the defensive. You know that you would not want to be confronted this way from the person who vowed to love and cherish you; neither does your spouse. When trust has become an issue in a marriage, one partner may start to question the motives of the other, wondering where they really are or what they're doing. While, in some cases, this may be a natural response, it will not provoke a positive response, nor will it cause your spouse to give you any more reason to trust them. Even if your spouse acts this way, set the example by not practicing the same behavior. Unless you have a legitimate reason to doubt the loyalty of your spouse, suspicions should be kept to yourself.
2. Love your spouse unconditionally. As the word itself indicates, unconditional love does not require any particular response. Unconditional love is loving someone selflessly and seeing past their faults and imperfections.
3. Work on yourself. Practice being the most faithful and supportive spouse you can possibly be. Learn from the problematic situations or problems you've had in your relationship and count it as experience. Be mature enough as an individual to admit to yourself and to your partner your personal flaws or when you've made mistakes in the relationship. This will make them realize how important the marriage Is to you and how hard you're willing to work to save it.
4. Train yourself to exhibit these virtues in your relationship.
Always keep your promises
Do not let your pride rule your emotions and actions
Always consider your spouse's feelings or concerns
Always control your emotions and your temper
Respect your partner
Be honest. Trust is the key to a successful marriage
These are the ground rules for a marriage and if you abide by these things you can possibly saving your marriage is not impossible. Once the rift has come between you and your spouse, it may be difficult to bridge but with a truly sincere effort you can again find the love you had for each other when you married.
These are helpful tips, but if you would like more detailed guide to saving a relationship, check out this free report!
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