Saturday, December 9, 2017

5 Tested Ways to Resolve Problems in Your Marriage

Like every other aspect of life where problems exists, marriage also has its peculiar problems. The reason there is so much confusion and divorce in the family circle today is because lots of people do not know how to solve problems in their marriage. In this article, you will learn five ways to solve problems in marriage.
1- Accepting the reality
One key factor towards resolving problems in marriage is to accept the fact that there is a problem. Once you are able to accept the reality, then working a way out of the problem is certain. Like the popular saying, once you know the cause of a problem, then 95 of it is resolved. The same principle also applies in marriage.
2- Admit your fault
The key to successfully resolving your marriage problem is to admit your fault. The best way to show a sincere commitment towards ending the problem in your marriage is to own up and accept responsibility where you are at fault. This aspect I must confess takes time to develop, but with maturity, the job becomes very easy.
3- Show genuine repentance
The best way you can prove to your spouse that you are out to end the problem is by first showing signs of genuine repentance. Let your spouse know that you are truly sorry for the offense. This also has a lasting impression on your partner because the hurting caused by you would have been nullified.
4- Make the first move
Having established that there is a problem, you will have to make the first move towards resolving the problem in your marriage. You can do this by calling your partner for a talk or walk, it depends on what you deem fit. Lots of marriages have collapsed today because either one of the partners feels too proud to make the first move.
5- Commitment
Since you have resolved your marital problem, the way forward is to ensure that you do not give room for a re occurrence of the incidence that lead to the problem in the first place. It will take a genuine effort between your partner and yourself to really work towards a mutual understanding in the future.
There is no marriage that has not got its own problems, but what keeps some relationship going is not the absence of problems, but rather the ability to resolve issues amicably as they come.

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