Sunday, November 12, 2017

Do Love and Marriage Go Together?

What do you think love and marriage go together? Yes it works for some but for many it doesn't work, but let us find out what is the reason behind this. Why their love declines after they get married?
At the beginning when one starts loving his/her partner they feel very happy and they believe that their relationship is just like a fairy tale. To fall in love with somebody is very easy but to keep it alive after their marriage is quite hard. While they are in love, they enjoy their time and believe that they are out of this world. But in most of the cases the love life never lasts when they get married. The reason is that the couple thinks that if they get married then their problems will be solved but they are absolutely wrong as the problem may get more worsen also. So, before you both decide to get married, everything should be cleared and rectified so that you both can have a better married life.
The beginning of every relationship is enjoyable and pleasing because at that time they both try to keep each other happy by fulfilling their requirements, by sharing their loneliness and of course sharing their innermost feelings. To maintain this flame you have to remember, no one else can bring you that happiness and can't fulfill your needs like your partner does. It is very important that you should always respect, love, and give value yourself or else soon you will find that your partner is slowly drifting away from you. For instance, if you often hide your feelings, don't try to take up the responsibility of your partner and also blame them even if they are not at fault, then you will notice that your partner will start ignoring you. These are the early signs which you can not afford to overlook. Most couples try to please their partners in the beginning of the relationship by their good behavior. But if you don't take the responsibilities of your partner then neither you will be respected by your partner nor your relationship will last. So, to maintain the relationship throughout your life, it is very essential to look after your partner and you should equally share the happiness, joy and pain with them. Love and marriage does work if you start taking up the responsibilities by your own.
So, now you know that how to keep your partner happy before and after marriage. So, it is certain that love and marriage go together and you can make your married life even more happy by taking up the responsibilities of your partner's pain and joy.
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