Monday, November 6, 2017

Are Love and Marriage Compatible?

Marriage and love can be compatible, and although many find the two do not work, it does happen to some of the luckier couples. However, having said this, there are reasons that trigger off the decline in a married couple and if they are not dealt with soon, then love will not reside in the married couple's house.
When you first fall in love and find that the person you have found is really special and finally decide to get married, the atmosphere is fairy like, with nothing to distort the loving sensations. This is the easy part to a relationship, for once you get married things start to change and most couples find that their love does not last once they are married for a few years.
Unfortunately, sometimes couples actually get married to solve problems they already have in their relationship, which makes issues worse. If you do get married all problems should be settled before you engage your life to one another.
At the beginning all relationships are care-free and happy, this is because both of you are working to make the other person happy, and are willing to share all kind of emotions with each other, in other words you are completely dedicated to the other person.
In order to preserve this state of mind, it is important to keep in mind that only your partner can provide that special happiness that will fulfill your needs, and that you should always show your love and respect, otherwise your partner will start drifting away as she or he will start feeling neglected.
Try to avoid hiding your feelings and do not take the responsibilities your partner needs to take alone and do not try and find fault with everything he or she does. Each one of us is different and we have to concede when issues are not that important.
When you start blaming someone continually they will start neglecting you, and these are the first signs of fading love and must not be neglected if you want your love to keep going. Most of us try and impress the ones we love by giving them our full attention at the beginning of the relationship. This should be a constant and attention should be given throughout a relationship if you want to keep it alive. Keep caring and looking after your partner, by sharing both joy and sorrow. You can make your marriage work if you keep close together during all the moments in married life.
A marriage can work if you learn to respect and accept the others weaknesses, while making sure you appreciate their good points. Make sure you always talk about what is on your mind and do not let issues linger on for too long. This will only make you feel further apart and can only be damaging for your relationship.
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