Friday, November 24, 2017

5 Ways to Create a Strong and Loving Marriage Easily and Without Tears!

I have always said that organizing a wedding ceremony is the easy part as it only requires gathering people like you would for a dinner. The work really begins after the wedding because that is when the marriage begins!
Unfortunately, many people are not ready for that part - amazing but true. Somehow in the hustle, bustle and euphoria attached with planning their "perfect" wedding day, they forget about planning the "perfect" marriage completely!
A Strong marriage involves a lot of hard (but possible) work and this article aims to show you exactly what you need to achieve that. Read on...
1. Communication is Key
The most important aspect of any relationship is communication. If you cannot communicate with your partner, then you do not have a relationship. You must cultivate the ability to openly and honestly discuss issues with your spouse without any fear of how he / she may see you. Communication involves the ability to be a good listener. It is often said that the reason why humans have two ears and one mouth is so that we can listen more and speak less.
2. Mutual Respect Cannot Be Overemphasized
Respect is another quality which you require. You need to respect your wife / husband if you are to sustain your marriage. While he / she may not always make a choice you would have, you must respect whatever choices they make.
3. Love is a Must
Make it mandatory to show your partner how much you love him / her and endeavor to do so regularly. You can do this with words as well as action. Wake up early in the morning before your husband / wife and stick love notes all over the house so that when he / she wakes up love notes will be everywhere for him or her to find!
4. Friendship is Paramount
Make your spouse your best friend. There is something fantastic about being married to your friend! Understand this - while love and romance are great, they are not enough to sustain any relationship forever. If you seek the "happily ever after" kind of marriage, then being your husband's / wife's best friend is paramount.
5. Make Time for The "Little" Things
Many a marriage have been known to end in divorce because of little issues - not the big ones as you might think. Endeavor to help your spouse out whenever you can; this may be helping out when he is washing the car, or helping her out in the kitchen. Whatever the case may be you must understand that to create that strong and loving relationship you desire require little reminders that are thoughtful and caring.
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