Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Arranged Marriages of India

India is a multi-cultural country with various religions and communities, all living together in harmony, following their own customs and beliefs. These customs vary from region to region. But the tradition of arranged marriages is prevalent in India among all religions.
The parents or other elders take the responsibility of finding a suitable partner for their daughter or son. Earlier days, it was done with the help of a mediator, who would have the details and photographs of the eligible boys and girls in the neighborhood. Those days the boys and girls were not even given the opportunity to choose their life partner. The parents decide what they think is best for the children and they obey, and still they lived happily and were devoted to each other.
But now things are very different. Over the years, the parents took the help of newspaper in place of a mediator, for seeking a prospective bride or groom for their child. Though the marriages are often arranged by the parents the children have their say in choosing their life partner. If they don't like the selected girl or boy, most of the parents do not go forward with the proposal, and wait until they find a suitable one.
With the advent of information technology, choosing one's life partner has become very easy and convenient. Many online matrimonial sites are available who helps them to find their soul mate. Shaadi.com, jeevansathi.com, bharatmatrimony.com, m4marry.com etc are to name a few. The parents can register and show case their eligible daughter's or son's details, along with their photograph, so that they can find the best match for their offspring, from any part of the world. The details for registration include horoscope, education, employment, family background and compatibility, and the type of girl or boy they are expecting etc.
Among Hindus, horoscope matching is another integral part of an arranged marriage. Indians believe that Astrology matches the compatibility between the couples for a happy and long life. The date of birth, star, time of birth, and place of birth are mainly taken into account in analyzing horoscope match making. Most of the parents still believe in horoscope matching and try to find a groom or bride, with matching horoscope for their child. Many of these online sites also help them by offering the facility for horoscope matching.
Today more marriages are arranged by the parents, taking their children's interest into consideration, and with their approval. It can be the other way also. The children find their partners keeping their parents interest in mind, which usually get their parents concern and support, for their marriage.

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