Saturday, September 30, 2017

Should I Wait Until Marriage?

Every day we make decisions which ultimately determines our destiny in this thing called life. These choices carry varied results and some of these results can be very, very costly. Among these various decisions which we are faced with is the choice to live a moral life, or to live as we feel, or see others live. Living by how we feel results in a life filled with its ups and down, for feelings are up and down and in and out. Emotions are like the waves of the sea. To live by them is to experience much regret and misery. Then again, to live like the crowd, while looking normal, will result in error, deception, unnecessary frustration and much depression. Why? Because most people live by their emotions and by the opinions of others, who live by their emotions, So, if you are depending upon your feelings to live a highly moral life, you will be disappointed.
Developing good and godly standards is vital to living a truly prosperous life. Permit me to hastily say that true prosperity does not just refer to money, although riches are included. True prosperity covers every area or our lives, spiritually, mentally, physically, socially and financially.
And in order to experience the life as God intended that we do, we must ensure that we live by the standards His Word, the Bible has set. Our decisions must be based upon God's Word, and not upon our wavering emotions. If His Word says that we should not engage in sexual activity before marriage, then we should make it a settled matter that we will refrain. I know, it is not the popular thing to do these days. And this is probably why we are experiencing much of the troubles, unwanted pregnancies, misery, abortion murders, and sexually transmitted diseases, some resulting in death, that is prevalent today.
Marriage is honorable and then the bed undefiled. Outside of marriage, the bed is defiled, dangerous, immoral and can prove deadly. To make a decision to remain chaste and keep yourself until marriage will prove to be the right decision, for it is the right choice.
I know you may be thinking that I am being out-dated and out of style, old-fashioned perhaps. However, remember that right is always right and wrong is always wrong, regardless of the times we live in. Sex outside of marriage, according to the Bible was wrong then, and is wrong now. It will never be right.
Seeing that the Holy Bible is the standard that we should live by, and remembering that it has been proven true in all generations and through every season, if we will adhere to its wisdom, we shall indeed profit.

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