Monday, September 18, 2017

How to Tell If Someone Loves You - Understanding Love and Lust

Sometimes in a relationship it can be hard to tell if someone loves you if you are not sure what it means to truly be loved. For some,"loving someone" is a term that is taken very lightly. Just because someone says they love you, or do things often for you, or have intercourse with you doesn't always mean love is present. How to tell if someone loves you is about knowing the difference between Love and Lust. Both of these emotions are strong yearning desires, but with major differences that can be felt and seen by the receiver.
Love and Lust are so closely related that they are often mistaken for one another. Some folks that are in lust think they are in love. In this type relationship, you'll find there is a lot of putting down of the other person, there is little understanding of the other person, there's impatience when it comes to the other person, and a lot of problems with outside relationships. Really, the only time you feel "love" is during an intimate moment together.
When a person truly loves you, it's obvious. You can tell in word and deed that you are loved. As the receiver of love you have no doubts. You'll find in this type of relationship, there is no putting down of the other person, there is understanding and patience, and outside relationships are non-existent. You feel love beyond intimate moments together.
If you find yourself wondering if your mate loves you, then you should take a closer look at the characteristics of Love and Lust, so you can determine if your mate loves you or not. Once you understand the differences, figuring out how your mate feels about you will not be difficult.
Stop wondering and find out the truth about how your mate really feels. Take a look at the differences between Love and Lust so you can understand, How to tell if someone loves you. You'll be amazingly surprised to find out the truth for yourself here: Love and Lust.

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