Sunday, September 24, 2017

10 Top Tips to Make Her Feel Special

It's quite easy to get caught in a rut in a relationship; you've been dating for a few months, got to know each other pretty well, and have become 'comfortable'. Now, there's nothing wrong with reaching this stage, and, indeed, it's a fallacy to think you'll be in that 'honeymoon' phase forever, but the problem comes when you get stuck in this zone; when you start taking each other for granted. In this little guide we'll look at the ways you can avoid this trap, by making that special woman in your life feel, well...special!
1. Compliment her. I can't stress the importance of this enough, it's absolutely vital. Everyone loves a compliment, and it's such an easy thing to do that I don't understand why they're not given more often. Of course, if you were saying 'you look beautiful' every second of the day, then they would become meaningless, but I'm talking about complimenting around three times a day. Mention that her hair looks amazing as she's brushing it in the morning, say how sexy she looks in her work skirt.
2. Upload photos of her to Facebook, and create a 'My Gorgeous Girl' folder. She may say she's embarrassed, but she'll actually love the fact that you're showing her off - it's a very powerful way to show how highly you think of her.
3. Hold her hand. Yes, massively simple, yet hugely effective. You'd be surprised at how many couples walk along more like friends, rather than lovers. The simple gesture of taking her hand shows that you want the world to see you're together; that you're proud to be seen with her.
4. Kiss in public. Perhaps not for everyone, this tip, as some women don't like public displays of affection - but I'd say that the vast majority do. If you can reach across and plant a small kiss on her cheek during the walk in the park, or a gentle touching of the lips on the bus, then you're at once making her feel totally special - telling everyone 'this girl is amazing, and I can't help myself'.
5. Talk to your friends about her, and let her know you do. Casually drop into conversations how you were talking about her to your friend at work - the fact that you deem her so important as to be talking about her when she's not even there, will make her feel special.
6. Stand up for her. And I don't mean in the physical sense, as I take it for granted that you would defend her with your life - I mean in those times when she's being self-deprecating or modest. For instance, if she's saying to a friend how she - your beloved, not the friend - can't sing very well, interject and say she's actually a brilliant singer. If she's having a blue day and telling you how she sucks at playing the violin, tell her she's fantastic at it.
7. Surprise her. People generally only go to the effort of surprising someone if they think they're special, so this is a sure fire way to making her feel great. You can surprise her in a number of ways: whisk her away to a romantic hotel, buy her some unusual gifts, or write her a poem.
8. Don't let her do all the chores. It's a classic, but if she's the only one cleaning the toilet, then she's not going to feel very special. Try and split the chores between you, or, at the very least, offer to help out once in a while. Not only will she appreciate the gesture, but she'll also feel that you're recognising and appreciating her hard work.
9. Carry a photo of her in your wallet. You should be doing this already if you're really into her, and it's a powerful way to show her you care. For the more tech-savvy, having a photo of her as your mobile phone wallpaper is just as effective.
10. Consider her at all times. If your colleagues have invited you for a few beers after work, don't just say 'yes', call her first and talk to her about it. You don't have to be asking for her 'permission', you're just being considerate enough to ask if she has any plans already made for the both of you, or saying how you're going to be late home. These small things show that you don't take her for granted.
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