Thursday, August 24, 2017

Love, Marriage, and Homeownership (Not Necessarily in That Order)

How does homeownership affect your chances of finding the person of your dreams? There are many reasons to buy a house such as: (1) pride of ownership, (2) appreciation, (3) mortgage interest deduction, (4) property tax deduction, (5) access to preferential loans (equity loan), and many others. But, does homeownership also improve your odds of finding someone you want to spend the rest of your life with? According to the US Census Bureau in 2009, 84% of married couples owned their home, whereas only 50% of single men and 59% of single women were homeowners. The data did not document what percentage of homeowners married after they purchased their home. Comparing the US Census Bureau homeownership data to the National Association of Realtors ® (2012) study on the social benefits of homeownership and stable housing, the homeownership rate for individuals less than 35 years of age is 38%. The national rate of homeownership was 65% (US Census Bureau).
Single as well as married adults understand homeownership is an important goal that provides financial security and stability, but understanding the value placed on homeownership by the opposite sex when dating may be an under-investigated attribute. According to an article published by the Huffington Post, 36% of unmarried women stated homeownership mattered when finding a potential mate. The article cited stability and security as the main factors attributed to homeownership. To find the true correlation between homeownership and attracting the best available mate, let's look at the factors that attract the opposite sex. According to an article published by "Way Too Social" wealth and having nice possessions (car and/or house) are factors in attracting the opposite sex (2014). Supporting the findings of "Way Too Social" an article published by "It's Charming Time," found that being goal oriented and independent were major factors in alluring the opposite sex. Goal oriented could be deemed as education, high-paying job, or having nice possessions as stated by the "Way Too Social" article. When dating, taking your companion to your house for a drink instead of your apartment or parents' house would easily show your date the level of your independence. Independence could also be seen as responsibility. An individual living with their parents or living in an apartment would likely be deemed immature compared to a homeowner who has matured enough to maintain their house and possibly even take care of something else such as a dog or cat.
Tying the above information together allows one to conclude homeownership is an important factor in attracting the most desired available mate. To place yourself in the most desirable light when competing in the dating game, you should obtain and promote as many desired qualities as possible. Physical attraction, intelligence, personality and many other personal characteristics are also included in the equation to attract the most desirable mate. Homeownership may provide a more mature and complete package. It allows one to present them-selves in the best possible light to the opposite sex. If you are single the dream of homeownership may be more than just security and stability, it may be a path to the person of your dreams. Whether you enter homeownership married or single, just remember "It's not a bad thing to fall in love" (Justin Timberlake).

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