Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Love And Commitment = A Happy Marriage

Being married is one of the strongest bonds a couple can enter into. It commits each person to staying with the other person even when the going gets rough. A married couple has a better chance of getting through tough times because they are legally committed to each other.
Being in a loving relationship is often all you need, or is it? Is marriage and being together what love is all about? You see bumper stickers saying, "Happiness Is Being Single". Could that really be true?
Being single and in a relationship means that either one can bail out at the first signs of problems. You don't have to solve a problem and move forward into a stronger relationship. You can just move on to another and then another association with another "lover". Maybe some consider that happiness.
Of all the things that couples can do to make sure they stay together, commitment is one of the strongest binding factors. What could be more binding than the legal contract we call, "marriage"? It is easy to dissolve a marriage, but it is a lot easier to quit a relationship that has no legal strings attached to it.
Marriage is the means by which a couple in love can announce to the world that they believe in each other above all others. Once married a couple has a reason to try harder to keep things going and to stay together for the long haul. The first rough waters may rock the boat, but a committed couple can weather any storm in their relationship.
With marriage comes a lot of responsibility. Learning to live with another person is one thing. Being married to them means a stronger commitment and better chance of a long and happy marriage. The commitment is what strengthens and matures a couple.
Being married doesn't guarantee a long lasting partnership with the one you love. It does give you better odds of staying together for a long time. As time goes by we settle into routines. Some are conducive to a loving relationship and others are detrimental. Marriage gives you time to find the systems and that make our life with our partner more than just living together, but having a life together.
You often hear of people celebrating their 50th or 60th wedding anniversary. I have yet to hear of anyone celebrating their 50th living together anniversary. Maybe it happens, but think of what is the longest relationship you know of between two people living together who are not married. Do you know anyone who has lived together 15 years and have a strong "togetherness"?
It is fun being married. It is an adventure that takes you down life's path with someone who understands you like no one else could. Time and again this closeness will get you through the good times, the bad times, the sad times and all the rest of the times that build your marriage and relationship.

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