Thursday, August 3, 2017

How to Fix Problems in a Relationship - And Reduce Them in the Future

Every relationship has problems, we all know that. It is one of the cold, hard facts of living with someone and being in a relationship. So if everyone has relationship problems, you may rightly ask, why are yours so unanswerable? Why do YOU spend so much time fretting, worrying and arguing with your partner about things? Why do your problems seem so much worse when compared to all these other happy couples?
The simple answer is that your problems are not any worse than anyone else's. The truth is, you are simply not as good fixing these problems. If you can not fix a problem in your relationship, then things are only going to get worse and worse, until it becomes a huge problem and puts a question mark over the future of the whole relationship.
So how does one go about fixing those problems?
Here are some simple answers for you.
Understand what the problem is exactly and the cause of it. The worst thing that you can do is to try and ignore it. Do the opposite and look long and hard at it.
Once you know what the problem is, you must talk about it with your partner. The problem is a two-way thing, and to fix it the solution needs to involve both of you. You cannot fix these things by yourself.
You should not ever just place all of the blame and responsibility on your partner, and conversely, do not let them do the same thing to you. Whatever the problem is, it takes two to tango. Always remember that if there were only one of you, there would be no problem, so it is a joint problem. You must both share the responsibility and blame for it.
Do not bring up old mistakes and disagreements when trying to fix a new problem. This will only increase the stress and resentment between you. Let bygones be bygones and work on the new problem on a new and equal footing.
Try to come up with a plan to fix the problem that you are both happy with. Make sure that it is one that is workable. Usually this will mean that both of you have to make sacrifices and concessions to the other. At this point in time, it is also worth remembering that no one ever told you that being in a relationship was going to be easy. Relationships need working on. When trying to affect the solution, do not be tempted to rush it. Sometimes problems can take days or even weeks to resolve but it is essential that you let it take as long as required. If you rush things, then chances are you are skipping past certain issues. So problems will remain to possibly come back and haunt you both later.
Communication with your partner has to be maintained at all times. Make sure this is so while you are trying to fix the problem, and then never let up. If you are communicating with your partner as you should be, this will help and go a long way towards ensuring that you have fewer problems in the future.
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