Monday, July 24, 2017

Tips to Save a Marriage - How to Handle Conflict and Avoid Divorce

When a marriage that was once strong, begins to fall apart, there is no doubt that it is a really tough time for the couple involved. Feelings of frustration, guilt, resentment and anger are commonplace, and conflict between the two of you is inevitable. However it is what you do from here on in that will determine whether or not you can save your relationship. Learning how to handle conflict and turn it in to a positive, can be the make or break of your marriage. So with this in mind here are some top save marriage tips on conflict resolution that you really need to know!
Never get angry
This is probably the most important rule of all when looking at conflict resolution. If you are angry when confronting your spouse, then this has several effects. Firstly it will cloud your thinking ability. You need to be thinking rationally in a conflict situation and being angry will stop you from doing this. Secondly it will immediately put your partner on the defensive, and this is not what you are trying to achieve. Thirdly being angry will hinder you from communicating your thoughts and feelings clearly. How many times have we entered an argument only to blurt out stuff that we really did not mean. If you feel yourself getting angry, then take time out to calm down, and walk away. It is imperative that you are rational and calm because if you can do this, then you have a much better chance of getting an agreed outcome that both of you are happy with.
Compromise and common ground
Another great save marriage tip is to always be prepared to compromise. You and your partner are different people and you are not always going to see eye to eye, so if you can find common ground when trying to resolve an argument then you will both be able to move on without one party feeling that they have been battered into submission. It also shows your partner that you respect their feelings and wishes and are prepared to take them into consideration.
Try to avoid blatant statements
Sometimes when faced with a conflict situation it is all too easy to make blatant statements, such as "you never do this" or "you always do that" all this does is put your partner immediately on the defensive. If you can turn this around by saying "I feel that you often do this" or "I feel that you do that a lot" then you are still getting your point of view across, but it doesn' t sound so extreme.
Using just these simple points are important save marriage tips when faced with a conflict situation. If you can learn to master these then you and your partner will go some way towards getting your marriage back on track. However handling conflict is only one part of the bigger picture of trying to save your marriage, as there may well be more deep routed problems that are causing your relationship breakdown. It can be totally frustrating when you want to do everything that you can to fix your relationship but you don' t know where to turn. You can try marriage guidance and this can and often does work,but only if both parties are willing. More and more people are turning to the internet to seek help and advice on saving marriage but you need to know where to look.
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