Wednesday, May 3, 2017

How to Stop Your Man From Cheating

Cheating can devastate any relationship and it often leads to fighting and a broken heart. There are many different reasons people cheat and it is the ultimate sign of disrespect. The best way to stop your man from cheating is to end it before it even starts.
Think about when you and your boyfriend or husband first met. You probably had a lot of admiration for him and this in turn attracted him to you like crazy! The key here is admiration. Men want to feel like they are admired and women respect their masculinity. This is a huge turn on for men and will have them attached to you like glue. You obviously had these feelings at the beginning of your relationship and at that point your man wouldn't have ever thought about cheating.
As your relationship moves on you probably lost some of that admiration or stopped expressing it. This in turn causes you man to seek it elsewhere. Most often this is the root of all cheating and affairs. It may sound juvenile but men crave this type of connection and you obviously provided it at one point.
Men are not driven to cheat by a pretty face or nice body despite what most people think. They crave an environment where they feel respected, admired, and powerful. This was probably very prominent in your relationship at the beginning and you man would do anything to keep that going. He can't, however, force you to treat him a certain way. Just as you probably desire flowers or sweet gifts from time to time, admiration is the equivalent for males. Think of this as the ultimate armor for scandalous women that would be willing to steal your man away.
This about your relationship and how it has changed. Has your man already cheated or are you just afraid that he will? Has the fun and excitement ended and turned into nagging and frustration? A lot of times men feel nagged by their girlfriend or wife after the admiration and respect begins to wear off and the relationship becomes too comfortable. Realize that as you desire certain treatment and emotion, so does your man. It takes work to stay together and build a strong relationship. Every person has needs and if they are fulfilled as they were in the beginning of your relationship then your man won't even consider cheating on you!
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