Tuesday, May 30, 2017

How to Mend a Marriage and Get the Good Times Back Again

One of the greatest blessings in life that anyone can have is to have a long and loving marriage. It is a proven fact that people who are happily married live longer than those on their own. It sounds simple enough, but sadly in reality, many marriages don't last for one reason or another. If you are asking "how to mend a marriage and get the good times back again", then you must be suffering a lot of pain at the moment. Enduring an unhappy marriage is such a tragedy and basically you have three options - put up with it, move on or fix it!
Let's have a look at all three options.
o Putting up with an unhappy marriage is really like living a lie. What happens here is that each party gradually drifts away and does their own thing. Usually, your life becomes one compromise after another. This is not a satisfactory solution to your problem and you should avoid "drifting along" at any cost.
o Moving on is what generally happens these days. Some couples try counseling but others want out at the drop of a hat. This is really a sad event not only for the couple involved but also their loved ones. It is particularly difficult if there are any children involved. For some people, this is their only option but an option that doesn't come cheaply, either emotionally or financially.
o Fixing it is by far the best option, particularly if the individuals still love each other. It is not easy devoting yourself to one person and to live with each other 24/7. We all have our faults - no one is perfect and it can be quite a shock finding out about your partner's bad habits. Love isn't easy nor is putting up with someone's bad habits.
The essence of a good marriage is where each party is able to express their feelings in an open and honest manner. If something is on your mind, you have a responsibility to yourself as well as your partner to get it out there. Successful marriages are all about treating each other with love and respect. It's about putting your partner ahead of yourself and working together to form a strong united unit.
If you are asking "how to mend a marriage and get the good times back again" then you really need to take some time out as a couple and seek some help. There are many examples of marriages that are strong today, yet at some stage of their journey, they needed help. There is absolutely no shame in putting your hand up for help; in fact you are to be applauded in coming to this reality. Don't just walk away. Remember those beautiful days when you first met. Can you ever forget that first kiss? What about the first time you made love? These are really special intimate moments that two people share. Do you really want to throw away those beautiful memories or do you want to re-capture your romance? It is not easy to achieve this as your life unfolds but couples in strong marriages manage to maintain a love affair with their spouse because they work on it. When was the last time you told your partner that you loved them and really meant it? Successful marriages don't just happen - they require a lot of work. The important thing is that you have to create special moments just for each other. Plan a dinner, call it a date. Plan a romantic get away for a night or two. This is not easy especially if there are children to look after BUT, if you don't look after each other and put work into your marriage then you may find that your marriage becomes just another statistic.
If you are really serious about "how to mend a marriage and get the good times back again", then never be afraid to seek help. In years to come, you might be able to say that you are having a love affair with your husband or wife. Your children will thank you for being great parents and at journeys end your grandchildren will love having a Nan and Pop in their lives.
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