Friday, April 21, 2017

Unhappy Marriage - How to Save Your Marriage

One of the greatest things that I was able to do was marry my high school sweetheart. Having the chance to spend your lifetime with someone whom during my teenage years that became my best friend, counselor, financial manager, lover and many other things. The beauty of our relationship was not based upon anything else but to love each other to our fullest. Having the privilege to marry her was the absolute joy of my life.
Just to imagine the ability to see her and spend as much time with her now we are married refreshes the fact that I made the right decision to marry this wonderful person. With the zest of life before us, and the ability to do what we wanted to do with each other without having a curfew was amazing to say the least. Not worrying about running up my parent's phone bill, not having to battle my siblings over the phone, or even trying to find the phone because they hid it from me. I now have the time to talk with her all the time.
With now dreams and goals rampantly racing throughout our minds, we had to come together and place all of our thoughts on paper. Surprisingly, we found that some of our goals and dreams did not include the other in them. With some discussion and agreement to assist the other to achieve some goals and dreams was very powerful in our relationship building process. Knowing that two people from two entire different backgrounds can come together as a tandem team and make some things happen for the other is very positive.
Even though we have had some amazing moments, we also had dark ones also. These are the times when you begin to second and third guess yourself to whether are not you made the right decision to remain married or had gotten married at all. How to survive during periods of an unhappy marriage? These are life lessons that can and will help you during these times:
* Do not make harsh or rash decisions during this time -- Making decisions about your marriage during these times can damage a delicate marriage even more. Give yourself sufficient time to bring your emotions down a few notches. Whatever the issue(s) is/are they will be there waiting for you.
* Step away from a hostile verbal exchange -- Heated conversations can be the most severe way to destroy a marriage. We say things sometimes only trying to hurt the other more. Our words can change the direction of our lives with uncontrolled verbiage. Just because you are the man or woman does not give you the right to say what you want to say and how you want to say it. Your mouth can tear away the very fabric of your marriage, so be very careful!
* Do not bring your parents or siblings in your marriage -- You did not marry your parents or siblings; you married your husband or wife. Bringing your family into your marriage will cause greater levels of emotions and family member will begin to think differently of you and your spouse. It is not their responsibility to be a First-Aid Pack to you. So, keep them out!
* Reflect on what brought the two of you together -- I know this sound cheesy, but you have to know that life will bring you many sorts of situations in life. One of the greatest powers in the world is, The Power of Love. When you open yourself to Love, you also open yourself to hurt.
* Occupy your time -- This is a good time to catch up on some things that you wanted to do, such as: catch up on some reading, pick up a hobby, cleanup your attic or basement. Whatever that thing is that will occupy your time during these moments, do it. This will help gather your thoughts and a better approach towards the situation(s).
How to survive during periods of an unhappy marriage, is not saying you have to necessarily have to take the low ground. It is a time to truly evaluate you to see what can you make or do better. It's a time to see how you want handle the situation differently if it ever occurs again. This is not the time to do the Blame Game. We all have faults, what make us unique is, the ability to recognize a problem, adjust during the problem and find your way through it unharmed.
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