Monday, April 24, 2017

Signs of a Failing Marriage - Is Your Marriage Doomed to Fail?

First of all I'm very sorry that you're looking for signs of a failing marriage.
It's never fun to be in that position. It's a constant pain in your chest. It crushes you and makes everything that you do seem a little bit less important or fun, even though it's supposed to be.
It gets even worse when there are kids involved. Of course you want the kids to have to deal with as little of your nonsense as possible. And when you can't stop them from having to hear the fighting and arguing or just bickering then it makes you feel even worse and depressed.
You see I know exactly what all of this feels like. I was right there and I hated it. I hated it because I absolutely loved my wife, and wanted things to work out for both us and the kids. But we just couldn't seem to get along and all the signs of failing marriage were there.
So What are the Signs of a Failing Marriage Anyways?
Well first of all let's be blunt. The signs are already there or you wouldn't be reading this. And the variables that dictate whether or not a marriage is going to fail are endless.
The signs of a failing marriage don't really need to be spelled out for you.
Actually there is one sign that dictates that you should get the heck out no matter what. If there's abuse in the relationship then it's time for that relationship to end yesterday. Whether you're being abused or the abuser get out.
If not...then the things that point to your marriage failing are warning signs, not signs that anything is doomed or over. Believe me I fixed my marriage when it seemed like it was beyond repair, and I actually was the only person who was in it to win it there for a while. I began to repair my marriage basically all by myself, without my wife even knowing it. Ha! Showed her! LOL
If you're arguing all of the time, then it's time to recognize that you have a communication problem (duh) and that you need to figure out a more effective way to get your points across, and to accept the points of your spouse. It's not easy, it's learned.
If you're not talking at all, then again , you have a communication breakdown, and you have to figure out why there's such anger and resentment. You have to figure out how to effectively get your feelings to your spouse without sparking a huge fight. It's not easy, it's learned.
If you're cheating, or suspect that your spouse is cheating well there's a lot of work to do to save your marriage. Trust is broken, and needs, desires, and wants aren't being fulfilled. But there's a reason and a how to fix that. It's not easy, but it can be learned.
So there are some signs that your marriage has the potential to fail if you don't get to work and do something about it. The only thing that's really not repairable is abuse. Otherwise it's up to you how important revival it is.
For me it was paramount, so I went about fixing one by one all of the signs of a failing marriage on my own.
My marriage was and still is the most important thing in the world to me. I decided that if it was be fixed that it was up to me to fix it. Basically my wife had given up on it being repairable. Fortunately I didn't. It wasn't easy, I had a lot to learn.
I started thinking much differently. I stopped looking for signs of a failing marriage.
I started looking for solutions for my failing marriage. Solutions I could fix without my wife's help at all. With a ton of research I found it. Find out what it is.... Click here now!

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