Tuesday, April 18, 2017

How To Save Your Marriage - Learn Lessons From My Mistakes

I don't do this for just anybody but I'm going to let you into my marriage in hopes of helping you figure out how to save your marriage. My only request is that actually do something positive to improve your marriage after reading this information.
Ok, when I first got married I was madly in-love and not afraid to let anyone and everyone know about it. No one could tell me I hadn't found my perfect love. Marriage advice was something I had no time for or interest in hearing about because to me it was for people who weren't really in-love or married to the wrong person. I never thought in my wildest dreams that I too would one day, be looking for information on how to save my marriage.
Problem # 1 - I really didn't know how to be married. I found out after a short while that I was legally married but with nor formal marriage training or guidance I continued to act like I was single. I still hung out with my friends on Friday evening and worked as if I was married to my job. This quickly caused my marriage to sour and bitterness and resentment surfaced.
Solution - It doesn't matter if you are newly weds or celebrating your 10th wedding anniversary. If you don't want to have the need to learn how to save your marriage, make sure you get your priorities straight. Make sure you put your spouse and marriage first in your life and you will have a happier and healthier relationship. I learned to and it made all the difference in the world.
Problem # 2 - I played mind games and hurt my spouse. I can tell you that I was very good at giving my spouse the silent treatment. I was also good at pretending I didn't care at times whether our marriage would survive or not. What this caused is a lot of pain and needless resentment and frustration.
How did I end my childish behaviors? It became clear to me one day when we had a blowup and were seconds away from hitting each other. Then the tears flowed and at that point we realized that if something didn't change we would end up in the hospital, jail or divorce court.
Problem # 3 - I started taking my marriage for granted. OK after being married for a number of years it's easy to get comfortable and assume your in it for life so why not just coast. My thought was that since neither one of us is going anywhere I guess we are doing better than at least 50% of the married couples who are getting divorced each year. I didn't realize how close I was to joining the 50% crowd. Just because your spouse doesn't tell you they are unhappy it doesn't mean you are heading in the right direction.
I hope you understand that if you aren't growing closer and building a stronger relationship you are growing apart and your bond is weakening. I assure you that it's got to be one or the other. One day after hearing the words "I feel lonely" from my spouse I realized that I needed to once again examine what I was doing and make sure I was listening. It had nothing to do with sex and everything to do with being intimately involved. We were ale to overcome taking each other for granted.
I have shared a few mistakes I have made during my married life in hopes of helping you to figure out that it's time to learn how to save your marriage. I'll be honest and say that at times I was clueless and still need some tips and advice to keep me in-line. I'm happy to say that after 27 years of marriage our marriage is stronger than it has ever been.
I know first hand that marriage isn't easy but it doesn't take a genius to figure out how to save your marriage. What it takes is a little knowledge, humility and desire to build a better marriage. I hope you have the humility and desire. If you need a little more knowledge on how to keep your marriage strong, please visit here; Save Your Marriage
Finally, I will admit that our marriage will never be perfect as long as I'm involved because I'm far from perfect. However, my spouse realizes that and loves me despite my faults and I return the unconditional love. I hope you will take the steps to save your marriage today. Again, for more tips and advice, look here; Saving Your Marriage

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