Monday, March 27, 2017

Conflict in Marriage - Dynamic Risk Factors For Marital Problems - Save Your Marriage Despite Them

There are many risk factors that can hurt your marriage relationship and push you down the road of unhappiness. I have learned that they can fall in to two different categories: Static and Dynamic.
Static risk factors are those things that you cannot change and refer to your background or past. They include things like weather your parents were divorced, if you have children from another relationship or if you married too young. These are good to identify and understand because they can help you to see why you and your spouse may relate in certain ways. However, they are what they are, and can't be changed no matter how much your work on them.
On the other hand, dynamic risk factors refer to those things that you are able to have an effect on. These are the things that can cause problems in your marriage, but that you have the ability to change. They are based on things like your personality, outlook and attitude. The good thing about these risk factors is that with awareness, effort and choice, you can see a positive affect on your marriage.
Let me share some examples of dynamic risk factors:
  • Poor communication skills, especially when you are angry
  • Unrealistic expectations about your marriage
  • Differing viewpoints and attitudes about important things in your marriage
  • Negative methods of fighting or disagreeing, such as using put downs, yelling, never being willing to take the blame or say sorry, or giving the silent treatment
  • Low commitment level to your marriage, which allows you to do things to damage the relationship, such as flirt with others of the opposite sex, or break commitments.
Those are just a small list of different things that can hurt your marriage, but are changeable. If you or your spouse exhibit any of those attitudes, qualities or behaviors you will want to learn how to modify them to save, as well as strengthen the relationship. In addition, by changing those things, not only will your marriage benefit, but your relationship with other people as well.
Tina is a freelance writer and advocate for saving marriages. Too many marriages are ending in divorce. It's not good for the family, for the partners or for society in general. It's time to fight to save marriages, working through difficulties to come out with a stronger marriage in the end. It can be done!
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