Monday, February 27, 2017

The Most Common But Preventable Relationship Mistakes

Finding the perfect balance with a partner is nearly impossible. Small things and everyday problems will often get in the way of love.
Very often, however, we allow insignificant things to affect our relationships. Here is a list of the most common relationship mistakes that are easy to prevent.
Fighting over Money
Many couples start fighting about money as soon, as they move in together. In fact, financial issues are one of the most common reasons for breakups. Money can jeopardize even the most passionate and intense relationship.
Instead of fighting about it, set strict rules from day one. Determine whether you are going to have a common budget or whether each one of you will retain individual finances and independence. Figure out the manner in which bills will be paid. Talking about such practical issues in advance will give you a chance to have fun together without fighting over daily expenses and monetary issues.
Letting Friends and Relatives Interfere
Many couples commit the grave mistake of letting friends and relatives interfere in the relationship.
A relationship involves two people. They are the ones to make all the important decisions. Even if friends have the best of intentions, they could cause problems between partners because of the desire to interfere and "help."
Be polite and listen to the things that others have to say. When it comes to the relationship, however, your partner is the one that needs to help you decide about the important issues.
Being Affected by Insecurities and Past Failures
Your insecurities and past relationship failures can easily influence and ruin your current love story. As difficult as it appears to be, you will have to leave the baggage behind. Otherwise, you will make your partner suffer for the mistakes that somebody else made.
Jealously, fear and the inability to trust another person will all interfere with your relationship. If necessary, seek professional assistance. Instead of fighting with your partner, try to figure out what is making you react in an irrational way.
You were hurt and betrayed. Everybody has been through such experiences. It is not fair to make your partner responsible for the failed relationships of the past. A clean and fresh start is what you both need.
Stubbornly Defending One's Point of View
Are you a stubborn person and do you think that you are always right? The inability to make compromises and to listen to what your partner has to say could jeopardize the relationship.
Holding on stubbornly to your point of view will result in needless drama. It is important to let go sometimes, even if you feel that you are right. Good relationships are based on the desire to discuss issues and to make compromises. Be ready to let go, especially if the issue is a minor one.
Everybody commits relationship mistakes. This is a normal part of the learning process. Living with someone and finding the relationship harmony will demand time and compromises from both parties involved. Learn to fight for the important things and let go in other instances. Relationships will survive when both individuals involved are willing to work on doing things together and preventing the common relationship mistakes that kill the love, trust and passion.

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