Sunday, January 15, 2017

Saving Marriages Via Improved Sexual Behaviors

Marital bond legally tied between two people and their families is meant to last forever until death severs the relation that exists between the partners. However, globally, marital divorce is on the ascendancy. A statistical survey indicates that 42 percent of marriages end up in divorce annually. The causes of most of these marital breakdowns are varied. Sexual infidelity has been identified as the topmost. This is as a result of poor sexual behaviors on the part of either the man or woman. Thus, there is the need to educate married couple on some good sexual behaviors that can improve their sex life so as to arrest many of the discords of marriage. This improvement in the sexual life of partners can save the marriage from possible divorce. The article highlights the three main poor sexual habits, premature ejaculation, lack of foreplay and truncated sexual position.
The majority of the sexual downsides issue from the man. This is mostly due to premature ejaculation. This happens when the man cannot sustain the sexual act for a long period of time. The causes include tiredness, excessive drinking of alcoholic beverages, lack of proper blood circulation, smoking, emotional stress and over anxiety prior to the sexual act. Therefore, to remedy the problem of premature ejaculation, the man must have enough rest before engaging in sexual intercourse with the wife. This includes resting the mind, thus, taking the mind off the sexual act to be engaged in to rid of any traces of over anxiety. Also, five to ten-minute exercise on a daily basis can help in improving his blood circulation that lengthens the duration of sex. In addition, it must be noted that alcoholic beverages reduce blood circulation and as such, it's drinking must be reduced or abandoned entirely before a sexual intercourse. Smoking is not good for one's sex life because it affects the lungs negatively, hindering proper breathing. This usually results in the lack of enough oxygen in the brain, dulling one's sense of control, especially during sex.
Another poor sexual behavior is a lack of foreplay before sex. Most men hurriedly jump into the sexual act without gradually ushering their female partners into it, succinctly preparing their minds and emotions toward the sex. This selfish attitude leaves women hanging when the sexual act is over, feeling disappointed and dissatisfied. Therefore, men must engage in foreplay by either kissing their partners, caress their sexual spots gently, especially the clitoris, which is said to be the most sensitive part of a woman's sexual organ. The clitoris region when touched gently arouses the sexual emotions of a woman, putting her in the right frame of mind for the intercourse. When enough foreplay is carried out before the sexual intercourse, the woman will be accustomed to the sexual atmosphere experiencing orgasm and feeling satisfied. On the other hand, men also need foreplay, which must be initiated by the women when they are not in the right mood for sex. This can be done when women also stroke the head of the penis gently or in some cases, stimulating it with the mouth usually termed as 'blowjob'. This would gradually prepare the man in the sexual act.
Furthermore, a truncated or one-sided sexual position while engaging in sex can result in boredom for some married couple. Hitting the right spot for some women would require varied sexual positions for them to reach their orgasm. It would also stir the interest of the marriage partner for the intercourse. After all, it is said that a monopolistic view results in complaints. As such, sexual positioning must be altered and varied. Otherwise, exposure to constant sex talks among the workmates of a partner regarding different sex positions may trigger curiosity which can end up in sexual infidelity. Therefore, married couple must vary their sexual positions to make their sexual acts interesting.
If these suggestions are implemented by the married couple, it would aid in improving their sexual behaviors, putting joy into their marriage life and serving as an anchor in saving it from the dangerous trap of most marriages, divorce.

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