Thursday, January 12, 2017

Marriage Counseling - 5 Marriage Counseling Tips to Help a Marriage

Have you ever been to a point in your relationship that you thought all hope was lost? I was at this point with my wife earlier this year, and we were probably one month away from getting divorce papers...until I found the amazing advice of one of the world best marriage counseling authors! (in my opinion)
Here's some quick advice I'm relaying on to you that I hope will give you happiness in your relationship like I now have!
Give 100% - Yes, YOU need to give 100% If you are holding back in your effort or attempt to make the relationship will fail. The same holds true for your spouse. For your marriage to truly succeed you BOTH need to commit to doing whatever it takes to make it work! 50% and 75% effort will result in a failed marriage. Don't let this happen!
Space is Good - You live together, you sleep together, but that does not mean you need to spend every waking minute of the day together! Have your own interest and hobbies that give you both a break from each other. This will also allow you to come together later and talk about the interesting adventures you experienced throughout the day and help strengthen your bond!
Jealousy - Jealousy is natural, jealousy shows you both care, but TOO MUCH jealousy will kill the relationship. This leads me to my next tip...
Trust - If you can't trust the person you promised to spend the rest of your life with, then there's really no hope for the relationship. The fact of the matter is if a person is going to cheat, they will cheat. No matter how controlling you get! If anything lack of trust will most likely break hearts and cause cheating and secrets to occur. Be open with communication, give 100% and you'll see the results 100x over!
Cherish Every Moment - My last bit of advice is to simply, and most importantly, cherish every moment you have with your spouse! Far too often we've seen people we care about taken away from us for things we have no control over. Treat every morning and night you have as if it were your last, tell your spouse whats on your mind and leave NOTHING unsaid. This will strengthen your relationship more than you can imagine!
Sadly 99% of marriages fail because 5 major things that people simply do not realize they are doing! Do NOT let this happen to you, read about what you need to do here: []

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