Friday, January 6, 2017

A Couple That Cleans Together, Stays Together

We have evolved greatly from being hunters and gatherers, and so has our work. To have a wonderful marriage, it is important to divide the chores and household work to avoid spats about imbalanced responsibilities and smooth functioning in the house. If you have met through a matrimonial website, it is important to get to know each other first.
Talking is the thumb rule
The thumb rule in every marriage for any issue is communication. Discuss, plan and divide your chores and household responsibilities. Decide on whatever you are good at, figure out what your areas of expertise are and divide all the tasks that are to be done. If you both are working, find a system that works for you both. Matrimonial websites can only get you so far, the talking part has to be done by you.
Schedule it all
It could be that one of you prefers cleaning the dishes, and the other prefers arranging them. So invest some time, get to know what your preferences are, mutually agree on whatever it is that you both decide to take on and plan the schedule meticulously. Talk about priorities, make lists and use sticky notes if you tend to forget. A good way to remember everything is to stick a small list on the door of the refrigerator. This will save you mental effort and stress. You can just tick off each item as you finish it.
Sometimes, doing chores can be a fun way of bonding. While you are doing the dishes and she is wiping the table, or vice versa, tell each other about your day, talk about your life, little stories from here and there and other things in general. Don't take chores as just another boring household activity. Make it interesting. Use this time to get to know each other better. Matrimonial sites will tell you about the basic details, but it is talking and spending time that will actually help you in getting to know the 'real' person.
Add a little spice to your marriage by occasionally leaving a small note somewhere after finishing your chores or if you get done early, offer to help them out. What's essential in dividing chores though, is understanding that your spouse is a different individual, and they do not have the same preferences that you do. You might be used to doing a chore a certain way but if it has been assigned to them, you have to learn to let them do it their way. The joy of shared work is greater than the satisfaction of having it your way.
Chores bring you closer
Every time you tick off all the items on the list together, there is going to be that feeling of satisfaction. What's more is that it will be a shared one, making your bond stronger and bringing you closer each day. Instead of looking at household work as boring, look at it as time you get to spend together, doing work and talking at the same time.
Your partner is your best friend, right? And when you're doing things with your best friend, it matters less what it is that you're doing and more that you're doing it together. Make this a part of 'we' time. Find a balance between romance and responsibility. Matrimonial sites won't bridge that gap, it is you who will have to.
Once you get the hang of it, you'll settle into your routine and things will start running smoothly. Just make sure they don't run too smooth, keep up the romance and the fun element in a marriage, turning chores into an act of love and bonding, rather than a duty.

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