Thursday, December 15, 2016

Why Marriages Fail - Am I Doing the Right Thing?

Couples are heading towards divorce when they see problems in a marriage. Why do marriages fail? There are many reasons that can cause a marriage to fail. When both parties refuse to commit and make the relationship work, problems will appear. Most people imagine a successful and happy marriage is there when both parties truly love each other, but they often overlook to understand the rest of the components that make up a good marriage. Here are some reasons why marriages fail.
Take things for granted
Respect for each other is vitally important. If a spouse has the best interest for the other party, they will appreciate what the other party is doing for them. However, it is a common problem that many couples have the thinking "we are already so close, why bother so much?" and rarely consider how their actions and words can affect the husband or wife.
Trust is very important in maintaining a happy marriage. Trust will include honesty in conversation and behaviour. Constant lying and infidelities can let your spouse lose trust and faith in you. It will eventually lead to many problems when there is no trust and this is one of the reasons why marriages fail.
Bad Communication
Do you always convey good and clear message to your spouse? If you don't, it is likely your marriage is having a tough fight all the time going through quarrels and arguing. Many marriages will fail because of the breakdown in communication.
Not spending enough quality time
When both of you are not spending enough quality time together, it is likely your sex life is not great too. If friends, work or activities are taking too much of your time away to be together with your husband your wife, the closeness and bond might drift apart.
A good marriage does not happen over the night. It is through time, commitment and effort to build one. When you do not want your marriage to fail, you must ensure in doing the right things to maintain your marriage.
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