Monday, December 12, 2016

Why Marriages Fail - 3 Certain Reasons As to Why Marriages Fail

When you tie the knot with your partner and utter those immortal words "I do" it is a well documented fact that you only have just over a 60 percent chance that your marriage will survive. That' s not your fault; it' s just the way it is! So in order to overcome this obstacle I thought it would be a good idea to have a look at some of the main reasons why marriages fail.
You have probably all heard about the importance of communication in a marriage and as long as both you are talking, you are communicating, right! Well actually communication goes a lot further than just talking. It' s all about really listening to your partner and taking on board what they are telling you. Ask your partner how their day was, talk to them about their dreams and goals, and their hopes and fears. If they have had a bad day, then act as a sounding board for them to vent If you can create an environment whereby you feel comfortable talking about anything, then when problems do arise, they can be dealt with out in the open and not be allowed to fester. When this does not happen and communication breaks down then it is becomes increasingly difficult to retrieve your marriage from this situation.
Unwillingness to compromise
Before two people marry, they are 2 separate entities with 2 different opinions and differing past experiences. They then marry to become one, choosing to live together to face whatever curve ball life throws at them. So when faced with this situation there is inevitably going to be a conflict of interests. This is not necessarily a bad thing because it is OK to disagree, but it is how you handle that disagreement that matters. If you are unwilling to back down for fear of losing face, then probably what started off as a simple disagreement has now manifested itself into an all out battle. Learning to meet in the middle and find common ground is all about compromise. If this can be done so that both parties come out of the conflict unscathed, then your marriage will be stronger for it.
Many people fail to realise that when they get together with their partner it is really important to share everything; from emotional highs and challenging situations, to the everyday drudgery of life. If you can put the needs of your partner before the needs of yours, and adopt the "what' s his is hers and vice versa" attitude, then your partner will reciprocate. If on the other hand you adopt a selfish attitude and tend to put yourself first before the needs of your partner, then this will only serve to damage your marriage irreparably.
Here are just 3 elements or causes as to. why marriages fail [] However this is only the tip of the iceberg. If you can identify with these problems and want to take action to get your marriage back on track then you need to visit [] for some essential marriage saving advice that could change your life!

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