Thursday, December 8, 2016

Dealing With A Difficult Husband Who No Longer Loves You

Living with a difficult husband who wants out of the marriage is like living in hell. The eggshells you have to walk on and the tension is so thick it keeps you confined like you are in a box. I know it's difficult and yet for some reason you are still together.
Your marriage was not meant to be this way. Unfortunately it's more common now than ever before. Sometimes the more you try to deal with a difficult husband the more difficult he becomes.
You try to be nice and he takes advantage of your niceness. You act irritated and angry and he is twice as mean and spiteful. Something has to give or your marriage will get more difficult, if that's possible.
It's normal for couples to drift apart. What's not normal is how they drift apart. I don't like it when couples divorce. I'm the product of divorced parents and all I can say is I think it's much better to grow up with both parents involved in your life.
If your husband is being difficult and he has said he no longer loves you that might be true or it could be him trying to put space between you. Either way I know your heart is broken. I hope today is the day that your relationship begins to get better. Yes, all it takes is one word or action to change your husband's heart and mind towards you and your marriage. Until that happens, please don't give up.
One thing I would recommend when dealing with your husband is to do the unexpected and do what seems unnatural. For example;
  1. If you normally make negative or sarcastic comments to him refrain from doing so. If you don't have anything nice or positive to say don't say anything at all.
  2. Perhaps you have continued to cater to his every wish, despite how he has treated you. Try letting him do for his self on occasion so he sees how it is fending for himself. Just the little things that you go out of your way for him.
  3. Spend some quality time doing some fun things without him and be joyous. Your husband shouldn't be the giver and taker of your joy. Your life involves your husband but shouldn't revolve around your husband.
You might feel as though your marriage is over and so might your husband. Only time will tell. However, while you are still together you need to give it your all to make it work. Regardless of how bad your marriage problems are you can overcome them.
Marriage infidelity is difficult but can be overcome by love and forgiveness. Absenteeism is just an opportunity to get re-acquainted to forgive the past and move forward loving and caring for each other.
The key to dealing with a difficult husband and marital situation is to say and do the right things, at the right time in the right manner. Your words do matter. Your actions, interactions and re-actions can determine what ultimately happens in your marriage.
Aren't you tired of fighting over meaningless non-sense? What you are fighting about or feeling angry or tense about most likely is not the real culprit. Until you figure out what the root cause of your marital issues are you will struggle to overcome them.
For example, are you angry about your husband working too many hours or is it that you don't see the fruits of his extra labor? Perhaps it's not his hours but what you suspect that he is doing? Do you think your husband is cheating on you?
You see, if you are not being honest with each other, how will you ever solve the problem?
I'm convinced with a little help you can turn your marriage around. I hope with all of my heart that your pain is a little less each day and is replaced by joy. You might just find out that your marriage is not destined for an ugly divorce. If that happens you and I will be rejoicing.
Dealing with a difficult husband who no longer loves you is hard and I don't pretend otherwise. However, despite how it seems he does have a heart. It just needs a jump start to get it beating for you again. If you would like more tips on getting your marriage back on track, please see here; Help In Marriage

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