Friday, December 9, 2016

Advantages of Marriage Counseling

With approximately half of all U.S. marriages ending in divorce, it is no wonder why many couples choose to try therapy before calling things quits. Marriage counseling has become increasingly popular among many couples. Counseling as well as therapy in most U.S. cities offers a chance for people to rebuild their relationship from scratch following a major shake-up in the relationship or it offers couples the opportunity to keep their relationship on the right track. Among the reasons why people decided to go the therapy are: infidelity, death in the family, frequent arguing, and just relationship "check-ups." Below are the reasons why people go to couples therapy and how couples therapy can help each person:
1. Infidelity in the marriage is probably one of the most common reasons why couples choose to attend therapy sessions. A therapist will help the couple understand why the infidelity occurred and how to make sure it does not happen again. Mostly, the psychologist meets with each person individually at first, and then the couple comes in together once progress has been made with each individual and each person is ready to work together again.
2. A death in the family can cause a lot of problems in a marriage and a therapist can help in the healing process. Now, each case of a death in the family is very different. For example, a couple who loses a child needs much different treatment than a couple who is dealing with the loss of a parent. A therapist will assist the couple in looking to the future and how each person can support the other. Most of the time, the psychologist will have both individuals write down how they need to be supported and use that as the starting point for the therapy.
3. Frequent arguing in the relationship is another common explanation as to why people opt to attend therapy. For this type of problem, the psychologist will most likely help the couple understand why they are arguing so much by first having each person in the relationship decide what they want from the relationship.
4. Finally, because of the frequent divorce rate, couples are becoming more proactive by using couples therapy as a preventive measure to avoid getting to the point of infidelity, or frequent arguing and how to prepare to handle tough family situations. This type of therapy requires the couple to continuously work on making their relationship better by constantly changing their needs and goals for the relationship.
Unlike the stigma from a few decades ago, therapy is now seen as something that can help thousands of couples with their relationship. Normally, if each person in the pair is willing to put forth the work, therapy can put marriages back on the right track. With the odds today, it is important for people to try to identify their problems quickly and if possible, try to work on them so divorce is a last resort after all the work that is possible has been put into the relationship and it still does not work.

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