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The Importance of Communication In Marriage

Stanley and Tabitha are celebrating their 10th wedding anniversary. The past ten years cannot be called married bliss no matter how much in love they may have been. Like many couples, they have had their share of stress and conflicts. But Stanley and Tabitha's biggest problem is that they are opposites. Tabitha enjoys the finer things in life while Stanley is like the cowboy who enjoys getting his hands dirty and the simple pleasure of sports and the outdoors. There are things they do that annoy each other that usually result in conflicts. These conflicts have resulted in stress and anxiety. Many of their friends have told them to work on their communication skills if they want save their marriage.
Like Stanley and Tabitha, millions of couples struggle with communication in marriage. Good communication plays an important role in marriage. It determines how we interact with our spouses and our children. Poor communication can be the single factor that actually leads a marriage to complete failure.
A long-lasting marriage is usually characterized by open and positive communication between the man and woman. Being able to identify problem issues is also a communication skill every married person needs to have.
There are a numerous ways to communicate with your spouse. How about improving on your communication style by reading the following types of communication:
Types of Communication:
· The Discussion Type- Having a discussions helps you and your spouse to see each other's point of view. You must learn how to express yourself in a respectful manner and listen carefully, clear up issues, and respect each other's feelings.
· The Argumentative Type - This is the worst type of communication. This usually involves shouting matches which, ironically, leads to a lack of communication in marriage.
· The Passive Type - You simply don't do anything, ignore any misunderstandings, and choose to be silent about any issues. This is a type of "non-communication" that does nothing to resolve problems.
Types of Conflict Resolution
Every couple should practice these conflict resolution techniques. A marriage cannot succeed if conflicts are not being discussed and resolved. Couples should know the ways different people approach a conflict. These approaches are as follows:
1. The Avoidant Type - By avoiding stressful topics, this type actually causes conflicts to get worse. Couples who avoid conflicts respect each other's private space and tend to live in a dull manner without all of the passion. This avoidance of discussions can cause issues to go unresolved which leads to complications.
2. The Validating Type - This involves acknowledging one another's feelings, discussing all points of view, and coming to a resolution. Couples who practice this type of communication respect each other as friends and value their relationship rather than their own personal gains.
3. The Hostile Type- When couples argue over who is right rather than discussing each other's feelings, divorce or separation usually follows. When couples respect each other as equals and respect each other's independence, they are open to more constructive ways of resolving conflicts and avoid the heated arguments hostile behavior.
Tips for a Successful Marriage
A couple's success depends a lot on good communication in marriage and constructive resolutions. Here are some simple tips to help your marriage last:
· Being affectionate to one another
· Show your concern and how much you care
· Exchange thoughtful gifts with one another
· Show your appreciation
· Try and have a sense of humor
· Share in each other's enjoyment
In order to keep a marriage healthy, couples must share each other's interests and learn new things together. They should accept each other's weaknesses and points of view even when they don't agree. Indeed, marriage is a matter of compromise that takes effort from both of you.
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