Monday, September 12, 2016

Results of Living in a Sexless Marriage

The results of living in a sexless marriage can vary from couple to couple. Every marriage is compiled of two unique individuals who handle situations in different ways. To accurately determine all of the results of a sexless marriage it would require very extensive research, but within this article I am sure you will have many scenarios that you can relate to now or possibly will experience at some point in the near future if you and your spouse do not start communicating soon.
Sex within a marriage can be a make or break factor for a couple if you let it. There is no right or wrong answer when contributing on this topic because what may work for one couple may not necessarily work for the next. Ultimately, the two of you have the burden of deciding whether or not love alone can save a marriage where two people no longer connect on a sexual level. Is it worth it?
How important is sex to you? As an individual there is a scale that sex is placed on. From a one to ten what rating would you give the importance of sex in a marriage? Well, if you want my answer I would say a ten but that is just my opinion. Everyone weighs sex differently. Think back to before you were married when the two of you were dating, how soon did the two of you have sex? Was it the first, second or third date? Did you have premarital sex or was it just not that important to you? This answer is extremely important in finding the results of a sexless marriage.
What is the cause for the withholding of sex? Is your wife or your husband not physically attractive to you anymore? Are you not pulling your weight around the house or are you pulling too much weight on your body? Getting to the root of the problem will help both parties better understand why they are no longer getting busy in the bedroom before the problems get even worse.
I know you are tired of walking on egg shells in your own home. For a woman, if you are a passionate lover and desire attention from your husband, it can be incredibly hard to sleep beside a man every night and not so much as get a kiss or a hug; you start questioning your self. You think to yourself, "Is it something I am doing? Is there someone else? Have I gained too much weight? Am I getting too old?" As a woman, you have natural insecurities within yourself already that you do not need any additional assistance; especially from your husband.
On the flip side, if it is the woman who is withholding the goodies, a man will begin to have his own reservations as well. He will consider his weight issues, financial instability and even his lovemaking as reasons why his wife no longer wishes to have sex with him. Men share the same insecurities as women and they too desire attention and affection from their spouse. Men normally do not like to hear their wife whine and complain about what is not going right in their marriage so being silent becomes their way of dealing with the situation.
The results of living in a sexless marriage are the inability to communicate, loneliness, possible divorce, legal separation, cheating with a more affectionate individual, spreading your business to others and putting your dirty laundry in the street and most important, not having your partner understand your wants and needs. When the two of your married you took vows to love and honor each other regardless of the situation. Will cheating solve your problem? Sure, temporarily you will be sexually fulfilled but it is just a feeling. Although it can be an incredibly huge part of any relationship, your marriage is far more important than sex.
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