Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Communication - Key to a Successful Marriage Relationship

It is very easy to notice a marriage that has chemistry; on the streets, in a hotel or even in a church service, as you look at couples walking or seated together you can tell a healthy marriage by the way they handle each other.
Each one of us desires to have a successful marriage, I do not believe that there is any person who gets into marriage relationship with a mentality that it will fall apart, especially if they are in love and have not been pushed into it by circumstances or otherwise.
The key to a successful marriage is communication. In fact, it is the life line of any human relationship. Communication is the glue that holds two people together. The truth of the matter is that effective communication is an art that can and must be developed.
Communication is more than verbal exchange. It includes facial expressions, gestures, body language and of course eye contact. We also know that the souls communicate, it is known us spiritual communication. This takes place in the subconscious level where motives and feelings are captured and interpreted.
For effective communication to take place there has to be the communicator, information being relayed, the medium (words, body language and tone of voice just to mention a few) and finally the recipient.
In the marriage setting, effective communication takes place when the two people decide to bring skills into they way they communicate. This begins by willingness to be forgiving, patient, cheerful and avoiding private agendas.
Before you speak you must listen effectively. Listening goes beyond just hearing, it is trying to capture the words as well as the spirit behind the words. We will never be good communicators until we become good listeners. We must understand that communication is the only vehicle that carries our real essence and conveys it to the environment.
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