Wednesday, August 3, 2016

How To Save Your Marriage By Better Communication

Do you ever feel that the good energy and happiness in your marriage life is fading off? The feeling of mutual love towards each other is not as strong anymore? Are you constantly wondering about the ways and the answers to the question "how to save my marriage"? It might come as a surprise to you that many problems in marriage arise due to the simple issue of lacking good communication skills between the spouses.
A few remedies and a change of habits will be able to save your marriage and a lot of heartbreak and pain. One of the most common communication problems between spouses is trying to communicate when the other person is not ready physically or emotionally to hear what you need to say. This can be as simple as letting them take some time to relax after getting home from work before you tell them a problem. It means that you should always make sure they are emotionally ready to face or understand the problem that you are telling them.
According to many men, even when they are ready to listen to a particular concern of their spouse, the complaining or "nagging" nature of the tone puts them off rather than the problem. During this time in which you are questioning how to fix your marriage, it is natural to sound concerned and have a complaining tone in times when you talk. However, despite the gender, it is always better to make conversations clear and to the point instead of adding snide remarks, sarcasm, and unpleasantness to the conversation. Even when you are hurting or feeling pained because of an action by your spouse, questioning them clearly about it will always get you better results than a long hurtful rant.
Try to add more positivity and compliments when you are communicating. We always overlook the power of a simple small compliment. Most couples state that after some time into a marriage, compliments do not need to be there to understand what you feel for each other, but that is where you go wrong. Humans are emotional beings, and we crave for affection from which we care and love the most. An easy tip on how to save your marriage would be to add a few more compliments to your daily conversations and see how drastically your relationship grows positively.
Another important aspect in your marriage is exchanging your ideas. Since your spouse is your partner in life in everything you do, it is important that they are comfortable with the decisions that you make, and that they are ready to cheer you on as you attend the. Your spouse is your critic and cheerleader simultaneously, but the problem comes when the critic overpowers the cheerleader. It could be their personal achievements such as fighting an addiction or excelling in the career, support them throughout but letting them know what you sincerely feel about their progress and fall-backs.
Taking responsibility for what you say matters immensely in a relationship. Even as you work on how to fix your marriage, there might be times you argue. If you tell unforgivable things in an argument, you cannot blame it on your anger. Even if you are in an uncontrollable state, you are still responsible for what you say and do. Make your apologies genuine and truly put an effort to work on making things for the better. Remember the reasons that you fell in love with your spouse, and talk to them in the way you did when you first declared your love, and your marriage will be saved.
Proper communication can save many misunderstandings that you have in life which makes it difficult to be in peace with some other person - including marriage. Communicating will also reduce any harmful assumptions as well. Read our eBook to get a better insight on how to save your marriage by better communication practices:

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