Monday, June 27, 2016

Dating Tips For Women - 3 Guaranteed Men Catchers

 “You can make more friends in two months by becoming interested in other people than you can in two years by trying to get other people interested in you.”
— Dale Carnegie

There is an art to finding and keeping men! That is the reason that you see so many women single and looking for a good man. Part of the process is presenting yourself well, knowing what to say and most of all coming across as desirable.
Following proven techniques to attract men and keep them can help you find a good relationship! Read, learn and memorize because you deserve love in your relationship.
Women that are looking to find a good man should be reading as many dating tips as they can get their hands on. Most of the tips are things that women never even think about, but they can make or break a good relationship.
Here are some of the tips that women rarely think about:
1. Demanding a serious relationship
Have you ever noticed that some women get marriage proposals after a short period of time and others wait for years. Why is this? Is it because one-woman only dates slow men or is it some men are faster? While either one of these situations can be true, that is probably not the case at all. The biggest difference is the woman and what she demands from the relationship.
If a woman makes it very plain to a man that she expects to be taken seriously and will not live with the man until there is a ring on her finger, he will respect her. The woman has set her boundaries and made her intentions clear, therefore he follows her lead. If a man thinks that he can pass things by a woman and she will keep her mouth shut, following along, he will continue doing what ever it is. But, if a man knows beyond any doubt that the woman is very serious, he will watch his step.
2. Understanding and accepting differences
Face it, men and women think totally different! For many women this just bewilders and upsets them. She expects a man to think just as she does, which is never going to happen.
A good woman understands that there are big communication, thinking and a host of other differences. Looking for ways to accommodate the differences is the only true way to have a positive and fulfilling relationship. If you spend your days trying to change him and make him think just like you do, it will never work. Be prepared to accept him for what he is and stop trying to change him. If you want a relationship with someone that thinks like you, then you will have to look to another woman!
3. Cage the jealousy
One of the most common problems in relationships is jealousy, from both men and women. Now when most people think of jealousy they think of later on in the relationship, but it is pretty common very early in a relationship as well.
You can not be too jealous, it will scare him away and drive you crazy. Do not worry about him smiling at the waitress or talking to the receptionist. If you are that afraid of him doing something wrong it is time to get out. A relationship must have a good foundation of trust, so leave behind the jealousy. Work on yourself and look at situations differently, change your way of thinking. If you are still having problems with jealousy seek out some help! Jealousy is dangerous for a relationship and your physical health as well.
Take these dating tips for women and evaluate your relationship. You may want to have someone outside of the relationship (of course someone that you can truly trust) evaluate the relationship and your actions to see if you are jeopardizing yourself. Look long and hard to make sure that you are not setting yourself up for failure, if you are STOP IT!

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