Sunday, June 12, 2016

7 Keys to Intimacy - How to Enhance Intimacy in Your Relationship

A relationship is not complete without intimacy. Intimacy is defined as "seeing into me" and it is a very important factor to have a happy and healthy relationship. To build a strong and long-lasting relationship is to understand each others' needs. Here are seven keys for improving intimacy:
Listen to Your Partner
Anna and John just got married and they both listen to each other about everything. They discovered that they still have so much to learn from one another and this gives a thrill in their relationship. Active listening means to focus, and not thinking about what you are going to say next. Look at your partner in the eye and be silent and focus while he or she is talking. Listening to your partner will help strengthen your relationship.
Have a Date
Dating can help bring back intimacy in a lot of ways. It helps in reviving intimacy and helps in going out of each others 'comfort zones. Ask your partner for a date sometime. Get dressed up and spend time with one another. Dating brings back laughter and lets you reminisce the good times. A date can be fun and romantic and it can simply be watching a romantic movie or going out to a nice restaurant. This helps your relationship have another spark and passion.
Massage Your Partner
Massage is a wonderful therapy in bringing intimacy. Fill the room with aromatic candles to set up a relaxing mood and use scented oil in massaging your partner. A nice massage relaxes the mind and muscles and gives a refreshing feel. Touch is vital in improving intimacy and a massage can be truly revitalizing.
Individual growth
When you grow individually, you will find that you have something new to bring into the relationship. Individual growth can help broaden your ways of thinking, believing, and taking responsibility in living a happy and independent life together. This makes your relationship more intimate.
Be Spiritual Together
Being spiritually intimate can help your relationship by giving a great sense of connection and higher purpose in your togetherness. Your relationship can grow stronger and as individuals, you get to give your partner a positive sense of life. Being spiritual together makes a lasting relationship and gives a sense of fulfilment.
Be Supportive
There are four different types of support and these are physical and emotional support, offering self-esteem support, advice-giving support, and tangible support that offer assistance in problem solving and responsibilities. Relationships can grow when these kinds of support are given to their partners. One morning, Mary was nervous as she prepared for her project proposal with the Board of Directors in her workplace. Alex was there to give her emotional support by hugging her and wishing her good luck to boost her confidence. Providing support is one way to increase intimacy in your relationship.
Make Time for Romance
Romance is important in intimacy and there are many ways to have a romantic time together. Lighting aromatic candles never fail to set the mood romantically and sharing a glass or two of wine while talking to each other is great. Share a kiss and have a delightful talk too as all of these can lead to a wonderful time together and it can be a fun and satisfying moment.
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