Saturday, April 9, 2016

Tips For A Healthy Love Life In Your Love Marriage

Do you want to know tips on how to maintain a healthy love life in your marriage? Of course you want, who does not? The only reasons you would not care are your marriage is as strong as ever or ending up in divorce. Let's assume that you love your spouse and living a healthy love relationship as your main priority. Firstly, you need to consider your feelings of attraction and desire for your partner at first, treating your every moment of your time together as is your last. At times, your photos, movies, TV dramas and even songs played at that very moment or of lyrics relevant to your current situation can bring back those memories subconsciously. Secondly, you need to focus on things that you can control. You cannot change others. Not even your spouse. But you can change yourself. However to do that, you need to let go of your pride, ego and be humble in order to accept your spouse the way he or she is. It is not easy but necessary to keep your marriage going. Thirdly, you should learn how to express yourself in healthy ways. Healthy ways as in making sure that you remain calm even when things are not going well for any reason. Many times, we all tend to express anger and frustration hoping others can sense our confusion and hurt but only succeed in hurting others. Fourthly, be thankful to your spouse for what he or she has done for you. People like to feel appreciated and valued for who they are. By doing that, chances of maintaining your love will be much higher. Finally, you are accountable for your current situation. No one is responsible for your plight. Not even your spouse. You can blame yourself for your faults but you cannot blame yourself by thinking you are useless and harbouring thoughts of suicide. Always remember that being responsible and having inferiority complex are two different issues which will have different impact on your future. After reading everything I laid out for you, you should make it your routine to apply them everything everyday. Only then can you achieve a healthy love life in your marriage.

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