Monday, April 18, 2016

Is Communication Breakdown The Root Cause Of Marriage Breakup?

This happens to most of us. Even those believing themselves to be compatible still found themselves facing this communication breakdown problem when they least expect it. They think they know their partners well but the truth is they do not and ended facing marriage breakups Even those who are better prepared will still be affected. The wife criticized the husband over his shortcomings like carelessness, being forgetful of her birthday, children birthday or wedding anniversaries and spending too much time on work to care about the family. It can also be recurring bills which always seemed to drain our monthly income. The way I see it, it all boils down to lack of communication. Whether they still like each others companionship or not, they need to sit down and talk about their problems and sort them out before their relationship deteriorates. This is no similar to dating whereby they simply focused on building relationship freely without worrying about money and making marriage resolutions. When it really comes to marriage, they are entirely on their own even with children. The truth is when they feel guilty or stressful, they tend to act irrationally. In order to think straight, you need to have the courage to voice out and solve it with your partner while at the same time, you need to take his or her feelings into consideration. As husbands, this is something they often neglected out of egoism and pride. This is a good lesson to learn. As married couples, they should compromise with each other regardless of how big or small their flaws are. But of course it is much easier to say than to actually do it. We all want freedom. We all need space to think straight and focus. As singles, it is very easy to do. But as married men with children, it is not as we need to think of our spouses and children all the time before making any decision. Ultimately communication is the most vital component in building relationships. Without which, breakdowns are inevitable and will led to marriage breakups. If your marriage is falling apart and you badly need advice on how to resolve your differences with your partner, you may consider checking out this site dealing with marriage issues here. The author invites you to visit:

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