Sunday, March 6, 2016

Relationship Advice: On Communication

Every successful relationship, whether it's a romantic relationship, business, friendship, etc. have a lot to do with constant and proper communication. Anyone who's ever read about relationship or marriage advice knows that communication is an essential part of a healthy relationship - this is the key.
Communication is essentially about knowing and understanding each other, however, if there is conflict it is mostly because of mis-communication. When problems occur in a relationship, it is because of the fact that some couples just do not have a clue on how to properly talk to each other - most especially men.
One woman in a grocery store said, "Does your husband talk to you?" The other woman answered, "Of course, he talks to me when he asks what's for dinner".
This can be funny but unfortunately true. Most men have a hard time communicating anything that remotely resembles an emotion. Why? Because men think much more than they feel - they are afraid of getting 'emotional'.
So how can a man make sure that he is able to overcome this 'emotion-phobia' when communicating with his partner? Here are some tips:
Be Honest With Your Feelings
I think the number one reason why men are afraid of emotion is because our society dictates that a real man should be able to control his emotion. Although, it is true that we should control our emotion, but this does not mean no emotion at all. All human beings are emotional beings. Do not deny yourself from expressing your own emotions.
Don't Jump To Conclusions
Men are logical being. Admit it or not, we tend to find the logic in everything. When your partner expresses a problem to you, it does not always mean what it seems. Our common mistake is that we jump to conclusion and this is one of the biggest pitfalls in communication - contempt before investigation. So before you even attempt to jump to conclusion and thinking that you know better than your partner, slow down. Try to feel your partners emotions and make it yours. If there is something you do not understand from her, make sure to clarify it by asking - and ask nicely.
Do not just apply this when issues arise. Practice this even when there is no problem. Spend more time with your partner and sharing your emotions with her. This will make you feel comfortable with her. Practice being interested in her emotions and break that barrier between you and her. The moment you become expressive, it will be easier to communicate even in tough times.

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