Saturday, January 2, 2016

The Benefits Of Pre Marriage Counseling

For many different sects of Christianity, pre marriage counseling is really compulsory. In fact, the priest will not marry the engaged couple unless they have the required number of counseling sessions in his presence. Usually, the church recommends a therapist or counselor for the couple to go to. The couple is required to attend these sessions very faithfully. These sessions are meant to teach the couple how the Christian faith wants them to behave as husband and wife in their married life, and how their religion expects them to bring up their children. This is a means to strengthen the Christian faith and make sure that the offspring carry on in the same manner. This is a very tedious process. It is a noble one too. For the sake of strengthening the faith and teaching the good values to the children and making sure that the children carry it forward to their next of kin, these pre marital or pre marriage counseling sessions have been organized by the priest.

A lot of hard work and dedication goes into the bonding and building of the principles around which the religion is centered. Counseling helps the couples to build a stronger foundation of marriage because prayer can help to unite even those families that are having a lot of problems. These sessions can help to make the foundation of the couple's marriage stronger and better. With the divorce rate so high these days, counseling sessions are definitely a big boon for the engaged couple. It is a proved fact that couples who have been counseled have a thirty percent lower divorce rate than those couples who have not been counseled.

How a couple can benefit from counseling sessions

Most marriages take place before the couple has been able to achieve what he desires in life. Therefore, the couple must make sure that their dreams and plans for the future are compatible with each other. This will save them from getting into arguments about these issues later on. Use the pre marriage counseling time to discuss openly about sex and family life. Differences in opinion about how many children the couple wants may lead to many problems later. Try to discuss all the problems you foresee so that the issues can be resolved amicably and in the presence of a professional.

Marriage between two different religious groups can cause problems so the couple will have to be very understanding to avoid conflicts.

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